Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Never Too Late!

Its never too late to say Happy New Year!..It feels so good to be able to use the Internet again. Last time I was on the computer was last year..:). Hope you had an amazing start with the new year. I spent mine practically on the planes and Airports in 3 different states....Why was i flying on NY day?..because I'm a cheap college students the extra hundred dollars on flight ticket is perfect for shopping and souvenirs. It feels great to be away from the cold and I'm definitely loving the sun here in New Orleans and not looking forward to go back to the snow at all. I will be around till school starts so will be posting often with all the exploration.

Anyways HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray this would be the best year you have ever encountered followed with showers of unlimited breakthrough in ever areas of your life.  I pray also that you will find favor with men and God. Success would be your middle name and words of testimonies shall constantly flow out of your mouth.

Its never too late to accomplish anything or fix that which is broken. Its a brand new year and its another great opportunity to start or fix things you have always wanted to. He who fails to plan, plans to fail, so even if you have no resolution for the year 2011 what plans to you have? My plans for this year in no particular order are:

1. Improve on this Blog and maybe inspire one or two persons or even myself
2. Travel to 2 other continents
3.Graduate and get admission into grad. school
4. Grow closer and bigger in Christ
5. Expand in all direction with Youth Ministry
6. Expand my School Supply Drive- Nigeria to other schools in other cities
7. Shop less
8. Build stronger relationship with certain people in my life.

I guess those are it for now. do not hesitate to make bigger plans 'When you feel the goal can not be accomplish it does not mean give up, it simply means its time to change the strategies/steps to achieving the goals' (Can't remember where I heard this from)

Ciao for now but I will definitely be back later this week with all the excitement happening here.



  1. Such an inspirational blog, pretty cool :)

    Stay gorgeous!

  2. Happy new yr... stumbled upon your blog today. Looks great!
    Ps... Love your " Must travel" pledge; a lot of Nigerians are quite content with america or london but fail to dream big.

  3. Happy New Year babes! 2011 and will be an awesome year for ya! *muah*

  4. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! *Doing my happy dance*

  5. @stylish...thanks!
    @Blessing...AMEN!...thx luv.
    @midst of her...yay i'm glad you stumbled on it do come again...and you are most welcome i love your way of writing

  6. love it, so perfect