Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stylist and Versatile!

I'd say I'm indeed grateful for the honor of been tag as a Stylish and versatile blogger. An awesome blogger In The Midst Of Her gave me this award a few days back and i just wanted to say thank you so much dearie!

So the rules are

1) Thank the person(s) who gave you the award and link back to them in your post (CHECK).

2) Tell us 7 things about yourself.

3) Award 15 other bloggers.

4) Contact these bloggers & let them know that they've won.

7 things about mz. Yellow Sisi Unspoken aka Shopaholic

1. Praise dance: The most amazing thing that has every happened to me in life. God has bless me with the ability to worship and minister to people around me in dance and also it is the perfect therapy in times of trouble and worries. Close my eyes and just dance the moments away

2. I love writing:  Just like chizzy  I really do not like writing. I only write when I'm super excited and feel like I need to put it down to calm myself or when I need to vent out.

3. Heels, heels and then some more: 20 Years from now I will grow out of my cloths but definitely not my shoes. I’m a big shoeholic. I can’t go a month without at least 1 new pair of shoes. The cool thing however is that a friend of mine and I decided to donate a pair of shoe for  every new purchase and so far it has been working well. It feel good to give and at the same time it is a motivation not to shop when I really don’t want to give out a pair of shoe that I like so much.

4.  I love my friends and I -  Yes I said it "I love myself" If you don't no one will. My girl friends say I talk alot they think I'm crazy because the I get over excited over the littlest thing. My guy friends think I'm the most funniest and sarcastic person. New Friends says "Wow you are very different than I thought. "Stranger: She is so quite, soft and shy."  I'd say I'm very sarcastic and if you don't know me on a personal level some things might hurt your feelings so I try to force myself not to me sarcastic on here.

5. I like my Egusi: It sure taste a million times better on the second day or day after, I don't know why but so far I've only met one other person who also hate egusi on the first day.

6. I'm not a fan: I watch tv and tons of movies but I could care less to know the actors and actress names or following up with their life. celebrity gossip what? I could walk by the biggest star and still say "hello" like a normal person and I'm yet to understand why people would do crazy things to meet them.

7. My ultimate goal is to own an orphanage home. Every child deserve an roof, a lovely environment and seeing them happy is the most amazing thing ever. You know the feeling you get when you realize you just made someone's day or even as small as putting a smile on their face.

8. Dream job/lifestyle: If I was not an Engineer I would probably be a fashion designers but like a typical Nigerian parent there was no way mine would have paid thousands of dollars on fashion. You know naija parent must be mama doctor, lawyer or mama engineer. I'm known for breaking rules just beacuse i like to be unique and here I'm breaking the 7-things rules *Opps*

Now you know a little more about me so how about we hear from some of other bloggers. I think you all are wonderful and amazing bloggers and deserve this award. Happy Blogging!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Unbroken love

If I had to choose Item in the whole world would be my laptop. Well maybe not but I'm truly a computer junkie and love everything about it. I'm glued to my vaio every day and can't get enough of it, apart from my TI-89 calculator my laptop is my next favorite item. Back in the days I use to read but now a days it will take me months to finish a book but it takes me just about a few days to finish a downloaded novel. Last semester was the best semester ever in my life and I was shock by my grades which i never expected but it all happened because I hate using library computers and my laptop broke so I had no choice but to study in my dorm room. I had prayed for the GPA and that was God's way of working. I cried when my laptop broke but only for God to prove Himself again that every disappointment indeed is always a blessing. So here it is again I'm about to start school in a few days and my laptop got a virus and the Internet is not working hope to get it fix by the time I get home but if not so be it, I need to boost my GPA into grad school first.

I've been reading blog post all day since I've been on blog town less and I feel so distached from everyone one now but hopefully to get things fix asap. In the meantime I'm still enjoying N'Orleans and 2 more days of sunshine and back to the snow storms. As much as I thought i did gain 6 extra pounds in 3 weeks, it was well needed...goal is to gain 10lbs this while still in shape but combing running and school stress I shall be losing those 5 pounds again within 2 weeks. So just as last year this goal might never be reach :( While touring, cooking and killing time I decided to free write a bit and here is what came out hope

When the world around begins to move faster beyond  measure,
When the things that means everything becomes useless,
When the happiness in my heart cannot be express,
When the pain cannot be express in words,

At that stage there is only but one who knows.

Who knows the things I feel deep within,
Who know the things that means so much,
Who knows the things that men knows not about me
Who knows how to comfort me and tell me it is well

When my imperfection overshadows my light
When I began to divert from my journey,
When I stumble, When I fall, When I'm wrong...

He Whispers and tell me that I'm LOVED.

With the greatest love that can ever be given,
With the love that cannot be measured,
With the love that remains endless,
The love greater than that of a mother and child,

That's the  love he always has for me

At times I forsake Him when all is well, when the fast pace of the world take away my attention, but I've come to the point of speaking less and listening more this year while waiting and willing to be used ever than before and maximizing my singleness to the glory of God because once the hubby & family comes my time shall be slice.

Random thoughts at the moment
My song on replay at the moment: "He's Able" by Darwin
Movie I need to go watch: Mr. Ibu *Sigh I think I'm late on that*
Mood: Excited and doing the happy dance
Status: Mr. A-square in this post and I still glowing than ever *blushing, hide my face*
I need/want: Hot chocolate with extra extra whip creme and sugar
I miss: My little brother can't wait to see him even though we skype everyday
Yay to the fact that I went into the most beautiful boutique I've ever entered in my life and walk out without buying an item.
Blessings & love

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Living the life

My uncle's favorite saying is "You got to live the life baby!...yes indeed" so here I'm still in New Orleans trying to live the life.

This is my second time meeting my uncle and first time to meet his wife and son being that he has been here almost all his life. Growing up in 2 different continents makes us very different. The wife is from Finland and boy she can cook, meaning I shall be gaining at least 5 pounds before I leave.  She can cook all Nigerian food since  that's all my uncle eat and the funny thing is she does not eat Nigerian food so she is always cooking too meals but now that I'm around I've being cooking my Uncle meals. Within one week I have cook everything from egusi to ogbono to Efo, and okro soup. Considering the fact that he is also an amazing Chef, I was flattered when he said "This is the best egusi soup in the world" Oh boy you should have seen me cooking on Sunday was panicking and praying that he likes it and everything came out perfect. Definitely wife to be in the making like its said one way to a man's heart is through the stomach.

On the other hand I have an adorable yet annoying 5 years old cousin who keep asking me why I'm so light and my brothers are not? I had to stay home with him one day and the day went by with him watching TV in three different rooms and just going back and forth, play with his toy and eat. This boy only eats chicken nugget. breakfast, lunch and dinner, Imagine?...If he was my child eh if you you have no choice but to eat something different at every meal. Boy does not take naps so we decided to write ABCD and 1-10. Little did I know what I was putting myself into. It started out with him writing 1-4 and bam he started crying because his 6 does not look like mine, he wanted it perfect and keep crying that his momma was gonna be mad at him, this went on and on for about 15 mins. For a 5 years old he was doing a great job with his writing but he has a bigger ambition and that's what I love about him, for a man who strive for perfection will definitely go far.  The other day we were talking about love with my uncle and his wife and little boy was like "Mom can I marry a Chicken because I Love chicken?"..I love kids jor they are just so adorable, funny and yet annoying

What else have I been doing? I got a little office assistance job in their company  so making a little money for a few weeks.  The weather is also absolutely beautiful so went to a couple of parks, horse riding and lots and lots of sight seeing.  New Orleans is known for Festivals and Food so if you do ever visit the most delicious and must have food to eat is the New Orleans Gumbo soup and scrimp sandwich. You will sure love it.

 I did mention how our life style is different I come from a a very loving, middle class (whatever they call it), strong christian home and my uncle on the other hand has a loving, wealthy, Christian (the once that believe but goes to church once in a blue moon ) home. He own his own company and so work late and Friday and Saturday is just to party, drink wine and just live the life. I don't drink so I stick to Sparkling apple which I love oh so much. Like it's said "Bird of the same feather flocks together." So we went to visit a similar family and boy I have never been so embarrassed in my life. We went in and I greeted the man like a typical Nigerian girl and the look I got was "what kind of village girl is this?" I was boiling inside because I will never greet an elderly person with "hi" and I guess that was what he was expecting. The evening went by with Nigerian music, food and TV, dancing and drinking, mind you this was almost 12 midnight on a Saturday so clearly there would be no church in the next day.

This trip has definitely been an Eye Opener for me. I've always envision been married to a rich man with my PhD in Engineering and making lots of money too, living in a big house with my four girls and 1 boy. After this trip I'm thinking again. 1st Tim. 4:10 "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil."  After meeting yet another family here it got me thinking, should my children be born into wealth or grow into it? Its absolutely disgust me when a child of 17 was asking "What are you doing?" when I washing dishes simply because he grew up with dishwasher all his life, can't speak his native language and greet with "Hi dad" "Hi mom."  Mind you this child was not born here o, pure JJC that just landed in U.S last year.  Now there is nothing with being rich but I still blame the parents for an improper early home education.  For some reason I have always been one to discipline myself and my younger ones. There were never restrictions or rules by my parents but still when you meet us people think that our parent discipline us so much. I can't even remember having boys talk with my mom or rules about guys but still never went out with a guy until I was an adult.

As I start to ramble I shall lay my case here.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Don't be a Victim

I had a post all written up and realize it was a little too much about me so decided to start all over again. No worries sha I will still be sharing some gist about my trip as I promised so stay tone.

Don't be a Victim #1
First time I heard of craigslist I was like "what in the world!" 6 years later my opinion have not change a bit. If you don't know what craigslist is, it is simply a website almost like ebay where people advertise items for sale. It could range from house, car, jobs, tutors, massage, to a date with a guy/girl, pretty much anything you can think of. My friend bought a car on craigslist before for $8000, went in to sign all the paper work and everything went well. Well at least so he thought until he got a mail that the car was $18.000. He went to court and everything and there was nothing they could do. All sort of 419 and even killers are all over craigslist, so please don't be a victim, matter of fact don't even go on that website and try to negotiate. I almost fell once into a trap when looking to buy my car but thank God I'm Nigerian because you can't 419 a Nigerian. Anyway there is a movie on Lifetime called Craigslist Killer and I really enjoyed watching it on Monday so you might like it as well. It will be airing again January 8th and 9th at 9:00pm..
Lifetime original movie The Craigslist Killer had a strong showing Monday night, averaging 5.4 million viewers. The movie, which starred Greek’s Jake McDorman, Agnes Bruckner and William Baldwin, marked Lifetime’s fifth most-watched movie premiere ever. The Craigslist Killer drew 1.7 million viewers among adults 18-34 demo, the network’s second most-watched original film premiere in the demo. The movie was up triple digits -- compared to Lifetime’s original movie average last year -- in total viewers, adults 25-54, women 18-49 (2.05 million) and women 25-54 (1.9 million).The telefilm is based on the real-life story of Philip Markoff, a med student and member of the National Honor Society, who was accused of killing a woman he found through Craigslist.
source: Yahoo.com

Don't Be a Victim # 2

Up until today it still surprise me how I no longer care about secular music(excluding Naija ones...lol)....I have grown to hate them now with all the women degrading, swearing and all that...urgg how they piss me off. Once in a blue moon I'd still play some R Kelly, Neyo, Chris Brown or some underground artist. but yeah I'm over American music now...This all came about when I heard of Illuminati and watch countless videos on them. Everybody has a right to listen to what ever they want to listen too but all I've got to say is if you are a Christian or a believer at all is Do you even listen to the lyric or just dance to the songs? Have you ever read their lyric backwards? or even care to know what all their signs means? Here is a quick video on Beyonce and Jay Z...Enjoy it!

Source: Youtube

Now they have the Gospel of Hip hop, Church of Hip Hop, Pastor of Hip Hop and all that. The birds are falling from the sky for no reasons, People are paying to enter church (Check out Blog(s)ville gist for this). The world is coming to an end. Be aware and don't be a Victim in 2011!
Life in New Orleans
I'm definitely loving it, away from snow. Pretty much I've been cooking, touring, working and shopping. Since my uncle is married to an Oyibo she took me out shopping and got me a whole new wardrobe, like legit a whole suitcase of clothing, shoes, bags and accesories, This means no shopping in 2011, meaning goal number 7 from this has been accomplished already God is good...lolz! Now I know what momsy meant when she said "They will spoil you at their house" Will be back with more on my countless days with my adorable yet so annoying and sweet little cousin.

Much love

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Never Too Late!

Its never too late to say Happy New Year!..It feels so good to be able to use the Internet again. Last time I was on the computer was last year..:). Hope you had an amazing start with the new year. I spent mine practically on the planes and Airports in 3 different states....Why was i flying on NY day?..because I'm a cheap college students the extra hundred dollars on flight ticket is perfect for shopping and souvenirs. It feels great to be away from the cold and I'm definitely loving the sun here in New Orleans and not looking forward to go back to the snow at all. I will be around till school starts so will be posting often with all the exploration.

Anyways HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray this would be the best year you have ever encountered followed with showers of unlimited breakthrough in ever areas of your life.  I pray also that you will find favor with men and God. Success would be your middle name and words of testimonies shall constantly flow out of your mouth.

Its never too late to accomplish anything or fix that which is broken. Its a brand new year and its another great opportunity to start or fix things you have always wanted to. He who fails to plan, plans to fail, so even if you have no resolution for the year 2011 what plans to you have? My plans for this year in no particular order are:

1. Improve on this Blog and maybe inspire one or two persons or even myself
2. Travel to 2 other continents
3.Graduate and get admission into grad. school
4. Grow closer and bigger in Christ
5. Expand in all direction with Youth Ministry
6. Expand my School Supply Drive- Nigeria to other schools in other cities
7. Shop less
8. Build stronger relationship with certain people in my life.

I guess those are it for now. do not hesitate to make bigger plans 'When you feel the goal can not be accomplish it does not mean give up, it simply means its time to change the strategies/steps to achieving the goals' (Can't remember where I heard this from)

Ciao for now but I will definitely be back later this week with all the excitement happening here.