Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Living the life

My uncle's favorite saying is "You got to live the life baby!...yes indeed" so here I'm still in New Orleans trying to live the life.

This is my second time meeting my uncle and first time to meet his wife and son being that he has been here almost all his life. Growing up in 2 different continents makes us very different. The wife is from Finland and boy she can cook, meaning I shall be gaining at least 5 pounds before I leave.  She can cook all Nigerian food since  that's all my uncle eat and the funny thing is she does not eat Nigerian food so she is always cooking too meals but now that I'm around I've being cooking my Uncle meals. Within one week I have cook everything from egusi to ogbono to Efo, and okro soup. Considering the fact that he is also an amazing Chef, I was flattered when he said "This is the best egusi soup in the world" Oh boy you should have seen me cooking on Sunday was panicking and praying that he likes it and everything came out perfect. Definitely wife to be in the making like its said one way to a man's heart is through the stomach.

On the other hand I have an adorable yet annoying 5 years old cousin who keep asking me why I'm so light and my brothers are not? I had to stay home with him one day and the day went by with him watching TV in three different rooms and just going back and forth, play with his toy and eat. This boy only eats chicken nugget. breakfast, lunch and dinner, Imagine?...If he was my child eh if you you have no choice but to eat something different at every meal. Boy does not take naps so we decided to write ABCD and 1-10. Little did I know what I was putting myself into. It started out with him writing 1-4 and bam he started crying because his 6 does not look like mine, he wanted it perfect and keep crying that his momma was gonna be mad at him, this went on and on for about 15 mins. For a 5 years old he was doing a great job with his writing but he has a bigger ambition and that's what I love about him, for a man who strive for perfection will definitely go far.  The other day we were talking about love with my uncle and his wife and little boy was like "Mom can I marry a Chicken because I Love chicken?"..I love kids jor they are just so adorable, funny and yet annoying

What else have I been doing? I got a little office assistance job in their company  so making a little money for a few weeks.  The weather is also absolutely beautiful so went to a couple of parks, horse riding and lots and lots of sight seeing.  New Orleans is known for Festivals and Food so if you do ever visit the most delicious and must have food to eat is the New Orleans Gumbo soup and scrimp sandwich. You will sure love it.

 I did mention how our life style is different I come from a a very loving, middle class (whatever they call it), strong christian home and my uncle on the other hand has a loving, wealthy, Christian (the once that believe but goes to church once in a blue moon ) home. He own his own company and so work late and Friday and Saturday is just to party, drink wine and just live the life. I don't drink so I stick to Sparkling apple which I love oh so much. Like it's said "Bird of the same feather flocks together." So we went to visit a similar family and boy I have never been so embarrassed in my life. We went in and I greeted the man like a typical Nigerian girl and the look I got was "what kind of village girl is this?" I was boiling inside because I will never greet an elderly person with "hi" and I guess that was what he was expecting. The evening went by with Nigerian music, food and TV, dancing and drinking, mind you this was almost 12 midnight on a Saturday so clearly there would be no church in the next day.

This trip has definitely been an Eye Opener for me. I've always envision been married to a rich man with my PhD in Engineering and making lots of money too, living in a big house with my four girls and 1 boy. After this trip I'm thinking again. 1st Tim. 4:10 "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil."  After meeting yet another family here it got me thinking, should my children be born into wealth or grow into it? Its absolutely disgust me when a child of 17 was asking "What are you doing?" when I washing dishes simply because he grew up with dishwasher all his life, can't speak his native language and greet with "Hi dad" "Hi mom."  Mind you this child was not born here o, pure JJC that just landed in U.S last year.  Now there is nothing with being rich but I still blame the parents for an improper early home education.  For some reason I have always been one to discipline myself and my younger ones. There were never restrictions or rules by my parents but still when you meet us people think that our parent discipline us so much. I can't even remember having boys talk with my mom or rules about guys but still never went out with a guy until I was an adult.

As I start to ramble I shall lay my case here.



  1. It bothers me too...children born into the 'mis-use' of wealth, as I'll call it. There's nothing wrong with being born into wealth, but it's up to the parents to train up their children right.

    Nice update :)

  2. OMG! sounds like a crazy Naija movie o, very funny but sad how people behave in society this days...girl just do your thing je je and ignore them, they lack manners.

  3. Wow...sounds like your having an "experience"...just take it as a learning ground...the dos and don'ts for future reference...

    *High five* for your cooking skills! Your future hubby is a lucky man ;-).

    As far as being born into wealth and being lazy and ill-mannered...I'm not feeling that. I pray to be wealthy or at least comfortable by the time the children come...but I will def remember where I came from and instill morals in my children by God's wah o..."Hi mom/ hi dad" bye

  4. Hey Girl!
    I completely agree with my girl Jaycee. To a certain extent, it has nothing to do with wealth but how a child was raised. When I was young, we had housegirls but guess what, I was right up with them sweating in the kitchen and scrubbing in the bathroom! Thank God for my mom cuz now that I am married, where's the house help?
    And about those JJC posers....hiss...don't even get me started on that topic.

  5. @ Jaycee thanks
    @ YNB...hehehe it would definitely make quite an interesting movie once extra maggi, salt and pepper is added :)..thankss will do!
    @ Lady B...o trust I'm truely learning alot...Amen O i pray the same for that strenght too.
    @Midst of her ...aww thats nice and I'm glad your mom did that because it would have been a tough battle to start learning at old age or inside marriage

  6. LOL @ the boy eating only chicken nuggets, just reminds me of my family frend dat keeps complaining her almost 2yrs old son prefers foods like eba, yam nd co--i really found dat funny. You seem to having a nice time in new orleans, I'd want to be anywhere with a good not so cold weather!
    nd bout the elder guy dat was expecting "hi", dats odd, its usually the other way round.
    LOL glad u having fun! nd thnx for releasing ur uncle's wife of the stress of making 2 meals---geez dat must b tough!

  7. I am awarding you the stylish and versatile Blog award...Check my blog out for details! Congrats!!!

  8. @ Gee thx...aww the 2 years old liking naija food is so adorable...i guess his wife would have to be a super good naija cook since he love it at an early age

    @Midst...Thanks hun for the award