Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friends that creep in

Recently I've  been growing in the form of a linear graph with God and some amazing people God has place in my life giving me a reason to smile each and every day but just last week it took a new form of its own. It began growing in a parabolic function reaching it max on Wednesday and gradually decaying at this hour. To see him hurt makes me hurt so much, how I wish I could revert things.

Some people has a way of creeping into your home
The moment I thought my home was perfectly fine
A-square came in to reside in the vacant room without asking
Decorating it as if it was his
With beautiful artwork hung around every corner
With rug so soft and couch so cozy
Shortly the entire home became filled with joy, laughter
How it happen I will never be able to tell......

I know its not just me but sometimes there are some friends that it hurt so much to see them hurt and you wish there was something you could do. Just a few days ago there were tornado and A-Square's folks where affected. His cousin had to undergo surgery and still hospitalize and aunt went missing for a while and later found dead few days after. Here I'm hundreds of miles apart trying to do the best that I can  but somehow its not helping, I've prayed, cried just to see him smile again. Seeing him hurt is no good sight and I only ask that God will comfort and strengthen him at this time cause I can't do that on my own.

~ Father!  you are the maker of heaven and earth, the I'm that I'm and you are able to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all we may ask or say, you sees the heart of men and you mend the broken hearted, you hear the cry of your people and you give strength to the ones that are weak. You never sleep nor slumber and your ears are not deaf that it cannot hear our call. You give life and you take life therefore I do not question your work. Your hands are not to short that it cannot touch a man therefor please Lord remold his the broken heart and make it whole again! Amen ~

Wrap in His arms

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Celebrating women part 4

She is beautiful, she is a writer, she is a wife, she is intelligent, she is talented, she is a role model. She is Myne Whitman. A  Nigerian author of romance novels, A Heart to Mend and A Love Rekindle

For the last part of celebrating women I decided to show case one of our very own, if you have been on blogger for some time I'm sure you have seen her mark all over blogs.  I was excited when she said yes to answering a few questions for my blog. Since I found Myne a few months back I have seen and read several amazing post from excrept of her books, to short stories, A-Z chanllenge and many others and with every post the end result is always "WOW" or "That is so true."
Myne's web page is here but in the meantime sit back, relax and learn a few things about Myne with this mini interview

1) Could you please tell us more about yourself?

Myne Whitman is my pen name. I am a Nigerian blogger and author, and I currently live in the US with my husband where I write full time.

2)When did you start writing?

I've been writing since I was a child, but I decided to make a career of it just a couple of years ago.

4) You seem to be all over the Internet. Between stumbling other people’s blogs to commenting, you seem to be everywhere. Do you think this web networking has contributed to your success as a blogger/writer?

Definitely! I think social media makes word of mouth easier, and that has really helped to spread the news of my blog and books.

5) How do you handle been a wife and been a great writer that you are at the same time?

I am lucky to have a supporting and understanding partner, and that has been very helpful. I think treating my writing as a regular desk job, knowing when to put it away, and not get overworked and stressed out has equally been important.

6) Are there challenges been a female writer as opposed to male?

Personally I can't really say, not having been both, LOL... To be serious, I don't think so. I'm sure both male and female writers face the same challenges of getting their words right, and staying true to their calling to write.

7) Now you wrote your first novel A Heart to Mend a while back, how was your experience writing your second book A Love Rekindled in comparison to your first?
I actually think writing A Love Rekindled was harder. The first, A Heart to Mend, started off as excerpts shared on my blog with no expectations. I published it as a lark because some of my readers asked, and it was a pleasant surprise when it took off after I did a blog tour. For A Love Rekindled, I’m taking it more professionally, with full editing and I’m putting a lot more conscious effort into the marketing and publicity.

8)What are some of advise you have for young female writers/bloggers?

They should be sure this is what they want to do, and then they should keep writing.

9) Do you or are you currently doing a tour of book readings? and if so where?

Right now, I'm not doing any traveling for book readings. This is scheduled for sometime in the summer, right now I'm concentrating on the social media tour on blogs, and other internet locations.

10) To every great person, there is also a greater person behind. With that who can you say inspired/encourage you the most to been a writer?

My wonderful husband, the love of my life.
Alright folks that's it!....I hope you did learn a little bit about Mrs.  Whitman.  I have heard some great review on A Love Rekindle so I 'm definitely looking forward to grabing a copy so yeah go grap your copy too!
To all my followers, thank you so so so much for reading and comments, I probably would have stop blogging without you all!...With that said this conclude my Celebration of Women Series and I can say I definitely had fun reading and looking at works done by amazing women around the world. To every lady its never to late to start doing something, forget about what will get you money and do something that you love and have passion for and before you know it your work will start to pay off.
I've got so much gist but that would be for next time....Ciao Loves!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Celebrating Women - Part 3

I Love my Body + Body Image

I really am fat and ugly and don't care what other people think of it. I think my body is completely disgusting so I avoid looking at it as much as possible
To you this stage may have past but I know their are still million teens, 20+ and even 30+ who struggle with body image. Sadly I hear the above quote constantly around campus and from many females in general. We have come to an era in which technology is booming and the media want you and I to look like a doll with  blond flowing long hair, blue eyes, perfect lip, face and curve  at the right places. The society expect you and me to have the perfect body, perfect make up and perfect cloth so we run like crazy women to the store to buy product that will make us look like the model but only to steal away our joy after days of product not working the "miracle." The society force you and I to spend countless hours in the Gym to shed away extral 30+ pounds to get to the ideal weight. Everything is all to be blame on the society but then who is the society?  It is me and you!


Do you Love your body?

Every woman to her own body...Growing up I have always struggled with weight; I was never overweight but more like underweight. I could eat everything in the whole house and still not gain a thing. It was always hard to gain weight but I could loose 10 pounds within a week or 2 without any exercise.  I remembered at 12 my mom had traveled to Nigeria first time in my life she had ever traveled for more than a and I lost about 20 pounds because I missed her (Yup momma's girl) and fast forward 8 years I never gain that 20 pounds back. Coming to college was my hardest struggle, when people who don't know me where talking all nonsense about me been thin. For a time it hurt but eventually I did snap out of it and became very comfortable in my size 2 skin. As mentioned in Unbroken love I still get very excited to gain weight after all my resolution is 10 pounds for the year, regardless of what happen  though I LOVE MY BODY!

The biggest problem I have come to realize after joining several women/ladies group is that we young ladies tend to be very harsh on one another. We do not appreciate each other much but rather criticize. How many times have you walked down the street and told a fellow lady you have nice eyes, curve etc? 

Join me in celebrating Womanhood!  We are tall, we are short, we are wide, we are skinny; we are heavy; we have got curve, spoon, hourglass, cone, and ruler; My face is oblong, oval, round, rectangular, square, heart, triangular, and diamond; our hair is long, short, straight and curly. we are smart, we are  intelligent, we confident, our self-esteem is high, and we have got motives because our body is the  temple of Christ....We are women, We are beautiful; We are comfortable in our skin and no matter the shape and size We LOVE our bodies.

Remember to smile when you look at the mirror because you are BeautiFULL

Self Love: If you don't love your self no one else will

Above all things the father have got the greatest Love for you

As part of women celebration series on my blog you are welcome to share your story on body image or self love as a woman and i shall be itchy to hear it


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Celebrating Women Part 2

Please allow me to introduce P4CM - Blair Wingo!

Passion for Christ Movement is a group of young men and women representing Christ and spreading the good news via spoken word. I have been listening to them speak for years and fell in love with Blair wingo over the year.

For many young people the biggest influence is usually not from someone much older than them but rather someone close to their age. Spoken words are powerful, just one word may be just what someone needed to hear and Blair wingo has a way of doing that through her poetry so I wanted to commend her for that..  Check out more of her work on P4CM Page

Enjoy the rest of the week