Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In life....

...There are lessons learned and some never learned no matter how many times that same act is repeated.

With that said....

Lesson learned 1:
When you love someone never let them go .

Lesson learned 2:
Put man first = A giant hole in the heart when they are gone.
Put God first = He will always be there


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just some thoughts

Hallo everyone, hope you guys dey fine? So today I decided to do a blog post but apparently my brain went blank and I had so many exciting thoughts that I wanted to share ...anyways since I don't have much today, I shall right about the Best Friend.

I have got this "Best Friend" take note of the quote in the title. So let's call him Ayo because it's means joy and that describes our moments.  Ayo and I have been best friends for quite a long time now...stop there, before you start judging me I do believe that guys and girls can't be best friends, this I have learned with 3 different experiences/friendship.

Anyway boy and I got really close and we share any and every feelings and thought on things with each other. For a long time it's been great until a while back when I began to feel belittled. He's like the smartest guys I have ever met on planet earth and surely I can say that I have learned a lot with Ayo around.

Going back to feeling belittled. Ayo always have his ways with words and no matter how much defense you put up, he always wins the case and if you think he is wrong and want an apology it is definitely a waste of time and effort fighting for it. So once these feelings began to constantly creep in, I get angry over any little situation and feel so bitter inside.

I have tried to talk about this with him but the message is just not passing across with all the anger inside. When it comes to the things of the heart I could be a very bad communicator and just keep everything in until I explode like now and in the past weeks. At times I feel like walking away but no matter what I can't get myself to do that because we have grown too much to each other. Sometimes I'm hurt because he tells me I have changed or act as if he really piss me off.

I don't know If i'm asking for your thoughts on this or I'm just venting and ranting, but one thing for sure is that Ayo is the only one who knows about my blog and sometimes visit so I'm really hoping he gets to see this. :(

On another note I finally traveled for the first time this year and I went to National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) convention in Pittsburgh PA....the convention itself was amazing as usual. With thousands of black engineers from all over the country, I kinda felt so very proud hearing everyone's accomplishment and I literally jumped out of my seat when it was announce that Uniben won the NSBE International Consulting Design Olympiad of the year. I was just like Edo folks don't carry One thing for sure though is I refuse to return to that city in my lifetime. I thought my town was boring and dry but Pittsburgh is 200 times worst.

Career Fair at the Convention Center

Gorgeous city at night but not going back

Have a good one guys and Happy Easter celebration.  If not for Christ I would have been no one.