Thursday, October 20, 2011

I miss you

My lovely people I miss you guys....This school thing have taken over my time and I no longer have time for outlet or whatsoever....Now I feel so lost and have to start catching up with blogville again. While I'm in the Library studying for my 3 exams next week I wanted to quickly say that I miss you guys. I miss my awesome Nigerian receipts Naija Food, my mommy on here N.I.L, Ms. Hilarious Madam sting, The place were I take awesome notes on single-hood, marriage and relationship In the midst of hers, The place I go when I'm down LDP and Jaycee, the one who always make me smile Myne, the place I see the other side of men 9ja Great, My favorite twitter buddy DiDi, The place I always can't stop laughing Sisi Yemmie The one I call ms. talented and bold Suggabelly, and the list goes on and on but my point is I miss you all.

Shout out and thanks to Coy-IntrovertDiDi and Relentless Builder for the Blogger's award of which I shall be answering on my next post and possibly sharing some awesome things I have been doing this semester.

On the other hand who sabi interpret dreams?....The other day a friend of mine dreamt of cat, the cat came up to her and walked around her in a friendly manner, then the next day she woke up and while walking out of the house, a black cat runs out of no where to her and began rubbing on her legs and muewwing at her....If you know what this means please share