Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hey hey hey!...hope everyone is doing FABULOUSSS!! hehe  Darlin D and my musical twin Relentless Builder tagged me in the Eleven's game so I had to do it...Thanks a million for the tag Didi and Relentless :)

Now let's get straight to business, Shall we? I'd say we shall...

I. Post the rules.
II. You must post 11 things about yourself.
III. Answer the questions that your tagger posted for you.
IV. Create 11 questions,the choose 11 people & tag them to answer your questions.
V. Remember to let them know you tagged them,No tag backs.
VI. Let the tagger know when you answer their questions

11 Things about MOI

1. I love life and living every bit of it.
2 My greatest motivators are people who tell me I can't do something and so I fight to prove them wrong.
3. I dislike the phrase "Good luck" with a passion.
4. I can't eat banana by itself EVER. (it must be with groundnut, rice or other things).
5. I'm the only yellow sisi in my family to the point my little brother at age 5/6 always ask/thought I was his cousin because my aunt is also light.
6. My happiest moments is seeing people happy or satisfied with something that cost me nothing to do for them.
7. If you want to buy me a present or bribe me to do something, buy me a pair of 5" pump and we are good to go...any color but black will do haha.
8. I want to become a Sale Engineer and Travel the world before I hit 35.
9. I will rather eat fish all day than any other meat.
10. My name means joy and laughter so I'm always smilling (I've got in trouble for laughing over some matters that were really serious).
11. Often time I judge people by their cover because I don't trust people sadly.

Answer's to Didi's questions

1. Do you have any pets? Nope
2. If u were an animal in the wild,what animal would u be and why?? A lion because its the greatest of all and plus I am a leo hehe
3. Do you agree when i say religion is doing more harm than good?? If we are talking about the true definition of religion then yes I agree.
4. What`s your favorite song?? I don't have one o..I get bored by repetition very easily but at the moment my jam is comforter by cece winans (the words are just so powerful)
 5. Do you think non-christians are going to hell?? Let's God be the judge of that because been a Christian does not guarantee heaven either.
6. Do you Forgive Easily ?? If the person apologizes then yes within a blink, if not then probably after a day or two will do
7. If you have to go to the moon and must take just 1 thing with you. what would it be?? My best friend ( he's a living "thing" jor)
8. Would u agree when i say God needs the devil just to create a balance?? I think I am allow to pass this one
9. Do you Love Gadgets?? YES YES YES
10.  What`s you favorite color?? Teal, turquoise, Royal blue, purple and mustard yellow :)
11. Is there anything you have always wanted to tell me?? Jesus loves you :)

 Answer to beautiful Relentless Builder Question
  1. Would you describe yourself as fashion-conscious? YES YES...sadly my city is not the most fashionable one so there are some things I can't really pull off without been stared at.
  2. Name one song you can never forget and why Chinwe Ike by Resonance, the sound is just too beautiful and meaningful and plus I love Esther's voice so can't forget it.
  3. What physical feature would you like to change? Nothing because i'm fearfully, wonderfully, gloriously, beautifully, and preciously made :)
  4. Three words that other people use to describe you Quiet, playful and selfless
  5. Three words that you use to describe yourself Full of life (haha free me o those are 3 words)
  6. Pen (Biro) or pencil? Which do you prefer, and why? A science/math major can't do without a pencil (at least for me)
  7. Do you have a favorite fragrance (perfume, body spray, etc).  If yes, what is it called? Nope but I absolutely love curve crush perfect balance
  8. What are your pet peeves (Name three at most) lateness/slowness, (I know exactly how long it takes me to do something including the error percentage timing so anything more than that becomes a problem
  9. Do you like children? Why or why not? Yes because they are just a bundle of joy and brings out the childishness in me which i love as well
  10. What's the name of the last book you read? Radar System Analysis (i just finished exams lol)
  11. What's the name of your favorite author? James Patterson (This is from early/late teen since i don't read much anymore since uni)    

So since pretty much everyone have done this post I will not be tagging any particular person(s) however I still got 11 questions so feel free to answer any or all in the comment section :)

1. What country and state are you from?
2. What is your most precious item and why?
3. Eat out or cook in? 
4. What is your greatest memory, (it can be good or bad)
5. Name two reason you choose the career path you are at now?
6. Name one guilty pleasure
7. If you were force to own a pet what would it be and why?
8. What is your favorite foreign desert?
9.Why did you start blogging and what keeps you here?
10. Mention one thing readers  don't know about you from reading your blog
11. Head or tail?

 Have a lovely weekend everyone :)


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sleep over the thoughts....

 'Allo 'Allo 'Allo Everybody (You all just need to hear me say that in YSU voice it sounds better lol). But anyway hope everybody dey fine sha?

I saw this video a few days back and I just could not help but to share.

And then I saw this quick note too...

What's happening with me?
I've been speaking less and listening more for directions...A little Blurry but with each and everyday the picture just keep getting brighter and brighter and I praise God daily for that.


P.S...I dislike the new blogger template which is why every time I want to post I log on and close right out, hopefully I get use to it. are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God...