Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stop Dating the Church - Part 4

     Hello there lovely bloggers hope y'all have been good. So I'm finally here to finish the last part of the "Stop Dating the Church" series. In part one I talk about the Church and defined it very briefly. In part two I went on to identify the various Church daters/member. Part 3 talks about the different characteristic to look for while choosing a church and drum rolls in part four I shall be talking about what to do once you have found "The Church."

It does please my heart to see that a good number of bloggers and followers I know are Christian and are a member of a Church. For many of people I know including myself, waking up on a Sunday morning and going to church is as natural as breathing. Now the thing is not really about  "going" to Church. Praise God for that but we can certainly maximize our church attendance to the glory of God. Now we can not experience a good church service if we are not prepared for it. Sunday morning should just be a regular morning like the rest because if we are looking to have an amazing encounter with God at that service then certainly it would take preparedness to do so.

When Joshual Harris uses the example that in most of his life he has probably woke up late, walked into Church groggy, listened occasionally, gotten distracted, left early and remember very little in several services, it hits me that many of us certainly do the same. Now if we are much more prepared for the service, the value and gain from the 2-3 hours service is so beneficial than any other day.

Many times we are distracted by the simple things happening in our lives or what is next on the to do list that we lose all focus when the service is on. Sometimes we get carried away by what person XYZ  is wearing to church or how person XYZ is lifting his/her hands and singing halleluiah. Instead of focusing we let things so simple distract us still.

Here are a few tips for preparing for a great Sunday.

1. Start early on a Saturday night. The things we watch or hear plays a big role in our daily lives so to keep the heart pure for a great Sunday encounter stay away from certain movies or videos.  Take for example a crazy Nigeria movie at 11pm on a Saturday night, it is no doubt that you will be replaying several scenes of the movie while the pastor in ministering the next morning. (I'm a victim of this one *hide in shame*). If you must watch something just think Phil 4:8 " Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."

2. Put your outfit together overnight. Ladies Ladies you probably know how it is getting dress in the morning. I am one of those female who have to try at least 5 outfit before knowing what to wear or stare in the closet for 10-15 minuets and conclude there is nothing to wear. Picking out my cloth over night have plays a major impact because once you are awake you already know what you are putting on and is ready to go.

3. Prepare your heartt -  Taking the time out to spend some time in the word will definitely prepare and open up your heart to receive the words the next morning.

4. Sleep and wake up early - This one I can't stress enough. If there is one thing I remember from pre school it would be the song "early to bed early to rise..." Staying up till the early am on a day of service is certainly not the best. Chances are you might wake up late, get very tired in the morning and off course doze off in the church while the pastor is ministering.The earlier you wake up the more refresh, upbeat and ready to go you are. Once you are awake early, you would have enough time to quickly slot in a worship/praise song to keep your spirit well prepared or perhaps quickly read a psalms. Psalms 19 is a great one to go.

5. Be careful how you hear- This one is from Joseph Harris himself. " When God's Word is being preached, you are not merely receiving information about God. God Himself is addressing you through His Word." How we listen and apply the words we hear either honor or dishonor God so it is really important to be careful about it. One thing we should know is that with every Word that God speaks to us we are held accountable for them so if we did not pay attention to them He still holds us accountable. Even Jesus said it in Luke 18:18 "Therefore consider carefully how you Listen"

 6. After the service APPLY - As Christians we are called to not be just the hearers of the Word but also doers of them. With that get out there and practice or simply share what you have also learn. Celebrate the Sunday afternoon with a friend or family and enjoy the glory and blessings of God.

This conclude this series, I hope you all enjoyed it and took our one or two things. I really did love the feedbacks from Part 3 and look forward to elaborating more on point number 7 of it since many of people were interested.