Wednesday, March 21, 2012


She is HERE, SHE IS HERE...She is FINALLY FINALLY HERE. Its been years and I've been waiting for her to get here. Seven months ago I finally knew she was on her way. I was so excited you don't even know. I had a name for her before I even knew she was coming and started stocking up her mini wardrobe every time I go shopping. I must admit she is one of the most gorgeous creature. So are you ready to see my little cutie? Ding ding ding, are you ready to see her???

Yup that's her, my very amiable and beautiful diva little Ms. Melody at 4 days old. She is oh so adorable, gorgeous, beautiful and all the other yet invented words for a beauty like her. 

Ok Ok before all the Congratulation starts....This is my little cousin from my favorite aunt.  80% of the person that I'm today is from the inspiration that I got from my aunt. I grew up with her and she thought me all the little stuff I needed to know. I remember my very first Liturgical dance with her at the age of 6/7. Thank God for her I have grown to love dancing for the Lord and still doing it till this day. Growing up she was just a teen so she treated me as a little sister and favorite baby girl. With all the love I could not wait for her to have a baby girl so I could do the same. Been her best maid in 2008, I kept telling her I wanted a baby girl first but God had a different plan so I had to wait a bit longer.

Once she told me she was Pregnant and it was a girl, the first name that came up was Melody. Mind you Melody was suppose to be one of my baby girl's name but I could not help it but call her dad and amazingly on her birth certificate that became her middle name. I have been shopping non-stop for this baby and I can't wait to spoil her more than my aunt did to me. Okay okay let me stop with all these excitement lol.

Now that I have told you guys the news, let move on to today's post. "WAITING FOR THE LORD'S TIME."

So the aunt I mentioned above met her husband about 8-9 years before there wedding. Guy finally made his intention known a year and a half later and once my aunt gave the news to the family the answer she got was a NO.  Apparently blood type is a big deal in Nigeria, so because they were both AS my grandparents, uncle, aunts, gbo gbo everybody said no even the pastor. Everybody kept saying they will have SS kids, but my aunt insisted he was the one. 7 years went by and when my grandparent realize she was not shaking they finally approved and they got married.

Now happily married and everything is going perfect and beautiful. The devil made an attempt to strike during the first pregnancy lying to them that my aunt had a  Fibrosis but God again put the devil to shame. First born almost 2 years old now and have never fell sick one day. She is indeed a living Testimony to me.

When God have told us Yes, the devil always find it ways to tell us No and if we let our faith wiggles we start to fall into his trap and begin thinking negative thought."For I know the thought I have towards you" says the Lord , and therefor He will never tell you Yes in vain. Once we get the Yes the question becomes are we willing to wait? How long are we waiting for? For my aunt it was 7 years for others it could be less and others it could be more, have you forgotten the case of Abraham and Sarah?

God promises special blessing for waiting and waiting still remains one of the difficult things of the Scripture. As human, we are so prone to take matters into our own hands, to follow our own schemes and therefore find it so hard to wait.

My prayers today is that God will always give each and everyone the courage and strength to wait on his promises.

  • Maybe you are in a job situation that’s really tough to endure and you are waiting and hoping that conditions will change for the better....WAIT!
  • Maybe you are without a job and waiting for news on an application....WAIT!
  • Maybe you are ill (or have a loved one who is) and waiting for your health to improve....WAIT!
  • Maybe you are a single person may be waiting for Mr. or Miss Right....WAIT!
  • Or maybe you are waiting for your child(ren)...WAIT
No matter what it is you are waiting for always remember to keep yourself busy for "an idle mind is the devil's workshop." Find a new hobby or start working on advancement. Personally I finished my Undergrad. this past December and while I'm waiting for for my ceremony in may and for a job I decided to start my graduate program instead. I was at home for a month and the devil was doing his best to make me angry over the fact that I was jobless but keeping busy with school and God's work keep me focus, knowing that God is in the business of unwrapping an AMAZING job for me.

I shall stop here now so if you are waiting Get out there, get busy for yourself, God, friends and family and God will certainly answer to your situation.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

This is for you Ladies

I should be studying now but I'm here doing a post. I just can't seem to stay focus today, I don't know what is going on and I really need to bang out this textbook. Its been 3 hours and I'm still on slide 10 of 200+ that I have to finish before Monday. I refuse to leave this place till 2am so book + laptop + empty lecture hall it is till I get something done.

Anyways so I today I wanted to share a quick post with you guys. I shall be doing a real blog post soon so stay tuned for more next week. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few lines one of my reader shared with me a while back. You know who you are. Its been a while since I heard from you, I pray that all is well with you and yours. Enjoy guys!

A Beautiful woman uses her lips for truth,
Her voice for kindness,
Her ears for compassion,
Her hands for charity,
Her heart for love,
For those that don't like her, she uses prayer.


Check out N'omose Couture....I've been rocking the Green Clutch and absolutely fallen in love with it.

Shout out to  aunty Gbemi who will be making my graduation dress soon, I'm super excited.

I feel like I'm falling in love with contemporary Christian music for the first time all over again.

I'm thankful for the TERC family, even though I'm barely awake half the time.

Pandora is my favorite station

Recently got Solange braids. With 4 packs of expression in my head it's really heavy.

Much much much much much Loves
YSU :)