Saturday, March 3, 2012

This is for you Ladies

I should be studying now but I'm here doing a post. I just can't seem to stay focus today, I don't know what is going on and I really need to bang out this textbook. Its been 3 hours and I'm still on slide 10 of 200+ that I have to finish before Monday. I refuse to leave this place till 2am so book + laptop + empty lecture hall it is till I get something done.

Anyways so I today I wanted to share a quick post with you guys. I shall be doing a real blog post soon so stay tuned for more next week. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few lines one of my reader shared with me a while back. You know who you are. Its been a while since I heard from you, I pray that all is well with you and yours. Enjoy guys!

A Beautiful woman uses her lips for truth,
Her voice for kindness,
Her ears for compassion,
Her hands for charity,
Her heart for love,
For those that don't like her, she uses prayer.


Check out N'omose Couture....I've been rocking the Green Clutch and absolutely fallen in love with it.

Shout out to  aunty Gbemi who will be making my graduation dress soon, I'm super excited.

I feel like I'm falling in love with contemporary Christian music for the first time all over again.

I'm thankful for the TERC family, even though I'm barely awake half the time.

Pandora is my favorite station

Recently got Solange braids. With 4 packs of expression in my head it's really heavy.

Much much much much much Loves
YSU :)


  1. waiting for the real post,till then umma just say stay fly..

  2. I really like the last line of that piece! Prayer sure does some good! :)

    I love your posts...keep 'em coming!

  3. I like the beautiful woman write up..Beautiful indeed

  4. I want Solange braids!!! #jealous

  5. ah prayer, the almighty weapon!

    Gbemi is such a darlyn, i love her to bits

    lol, I'm sooo thankful for TERC too. Some days i'm so sleepy that i decide not to call in but my spirit just doesn't let me so i end up calling in and i've never regretted it...well...except for that one time i fell asleep on the call and woke up 3hrs later to a dead phone!

    Can't wait to meet you love, have a blessed month

  6. Bring on the post oh... graduation coming soon? COngrats plenty plenty...

    - LDP

  7. All the best with the slides, I have faith in you :D Can't wait to c what Gbemi comes up with. Congrats in advance

  8. Studying can be so hard when you'd rather be doing other things. I hope you were able to get your work done though :-)

    The last line of that poem is a real weapon. Please share pictures of the dress when it's ready. Congrats in advance on graduation. Only 4 packs of hair? Haha! Rock on jare.

  9. That is sweet.

    All the best with your studies.

  10. loved the poem to bits, best wishes with your upcoming graduation.

  11. Thanks you all...the slides all went well and the exam successful...

    @Doshi I can't wait too <3

    @Toin, LDP & Priscy ...thanks a bunch appreciate it

    @Myyynnnnneeeee!...I miss your blog love I've got to step up my reading game

    @Relent My musical twin hehe mo worry I shall definitely be sharing pictures. 4 packs of hair don't mind me

  12. Those solange braids must be heavy!!!!!

  13. Hope you finished studying that day. Awww you are graduating soon. Congrats in advance :)