Thursday, April 24, 2014

In the Midst of it all...

...God is always faithful regardless of what happen and how things are going. In as much as I hate to give excuse this time for not blogging its been a tough 2014 so far. Several deaths in the family and  its been hard to recover and even the moment you think you can start living normal again then comes another and then another. In the midst of it all I still give God all the glory because there is a season and a time for everything and He alone knows the time He will call His children to rest in His bosom.

I shall be back to normal blogging this weekend. Apologies to everyone who won the Pay it Forward in my last post. I shall be reaching out to you all soonest for your gifts. Thanks to those that emailed to check on me, you guys ROCK!! even though I did not reply a few of you, reading the emails certainly made my days and made me smile.

I disabled comment on this post but you all lovely folks will be able to comment in my future blog post.