Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Praise your way out

Hey there! How do you praise?

'When I praise people look at me as if i'm crazy but if you don't know my pain you will never understand my praise...It don't matter what you think about me I own Him all the praise because if it was not for Him I don't know where I would be' - Cece Winans

When I think of praise my heart just fill up with so much joy that everything else don't matter anymore. I'm sure I have done a post somewhere before on praise on here but I was too lazy to go find it and there's nothing wrong with expressing my self about praise again. 

Now when we talk about praising God, there are different ways to it but for me it is particularly worship. I love singing worships and doing worship dance and the best part about it is the fact that I know I can sing my heart out or spin till I get dizzy and not care about what people around me think because I know its for God and He is rejoicing with me as I praise Him. There is just something about praise that always turns all situations around. One thing for sure is that I don't know how to pray but what i know to do best is praise, with praise God has always answer all my request. "He that sings prays twice" so there you go my secret recipe to answer prayers. 

Just wanted to give away a little secret to success...In the mean time enjoy this song that has been on my praise list for the past few weeks, I know the intro of the song is long but please listen to it as the word are so POWERFUL I shout again POWERFUL and you will surely be bless by it :)



P.S its my blog anniversary this month and I just want to thank you all my faithful readers and commenter even this year that I have been totally slacking...You guys are AHHH-MAZING and totally rock my world