Friday, November 30, 2012

Then till Forever

At one, two, three, four, five, I knew one and only one thing

That my family loves me dearly

At six and seven I knew my siblings came because of love

At eight a friend claimed to be the best

At nine I realize love ones are not supposed to hurt you

At ten, I hated the word love and everything about it

At eleven the pain starts to heal and I forgot about it

At twelve I got my longest butterflies’ every time I see him

At thirteen these feelings still don’t change

At fourteen I thought I was lacking since every girl had lovers

At fifteen I literally found mine, except it was in my head

At sixteen I realized I just lied to myself

At seventeen I sat back and watch everything from afar

At eighteen he stole my heart and disvirgin my lips

At nineteen he realize I’m not the type of girl he thought

At twenty I may have been marketing myself wrong

At twenty one he told me I should stop acting as a child

Once again I gave him my heart only for it to be broken 

At Twenty-two I found the greatest friend and love

This time my heart was too stubborn to give itself away

And so it lied continuously until he left.

At twenty-three I realize the love from eight, nine and ten still hunt me daily

At twenty-four I fight to let it all go

At twenty-five I place my heart in God’s hands again

For Him to do with it as He wishes cause I alone have failed in the past

I chose to maximize my singlehood to the glory of His name again

At twenty-six He makes me the happiest woman on earth

From twenty-six to forever it is God,  him, children and I


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Clean out time!

*Cough cough* * clear throat* *knock knock* *dust out cob-webs* where do I even start? how do I even apologize...Choi I can't believe its almost 2-4 months now since I did proper blogging. I have been lurking around to some blogs but never a chance to put up my own post. Thanks to everyone who have been keeping in touch offline and asking after me...Y'all are amazing!!

I hope you all had an awesome thanksgiving weekend. I did a lot of cooking but did not really eat as much as I have done in past thanksgiving. Its not all about the food, what are you thankful for?  As for me I had millions reason to be very thankful and I shall be sharing lots of testimonies here in future post. Actually there is one I can't hold any longer. I GAINED WEIGHT!! 6 lbs. Yes a whole 6 pounds that's alot. For the past 7 years I've never gained a single pound I remained exactly the same weight no matter what I eat and how much to some extend that I really got tired of everyone saying "Do you eat?" or "you are so Skinny" For my height and weight I was almost at the underweight borderline, even at age 14 I weigh more than I do now (how is that even possible?) Anyway sha every year one of my resolution is always to gain 10 pounds but its always zero and this year I've got 6 so I'm ready for 2013. woo hoo!

Ok I think I'm done now. I just came to clear some dust off this page but I shall be back soonest. See you all in December, I can't believe its already the end of the year.


Happy birthday to all the bloggers/followers whose b-days I miss

From the look of things look like many bloggers are getting marriage or engage this year so congrats ladies!

Does anyone leave in the Dallas area? I need a huge help! please and thank you :)

Jaycee I miss you :(