Saturday, August 11, 2012

Surprise Surprise Surprise

Its officially August 11th...and I just got a year older. I can definitely say I have seen the Lord's doing in the very past 20 something years and it just keep getting more and more glorious each day...Will try to keep this as short cause I'm out to celebrateeeeee eh eh eh.

For my birthday I decided to let yall into my world a little bit by introducing a dear friend to you, she has tremendous similarities as your one and only YSU So here she is.........

She is ME...yes you read that right, me me me aka MZYSU...I have finally decided to reveal myself since I have grown past the stage of you can actually match my posts to a face. (Yeah record the face pretty well because this post will go down

M.E aka MZYSU is an Edo babe by Origin...

....Came to the state to obtain a degree in Engineering and therefore became an Engineer by day...

...Never giving up her true passion for fashion therefore becomes a designer by night...
(Check out my line N'omose Couture :D ) 

 ...With her love for Ankara prints she just could not resist these...
  (Can you tell my now that blues and greens are surely my fav. colors?)

 ....Laughter is the best medicine to most things plus she has to live up to my name so I'm always merry...
(Yes my name is Merrytime as in Merry and Time. I really love my name and always greatful that my parents came up with that. Disclamer: Yes my first name is English i'm not an akata babe forming name or nicknames for myself  :P ) lol but please don't call me mary, merriweather, thyme or anything like that
....She started the Birthday weekend with touring the city with momsy...

...Speaking of momma, here she hero, my number one woman, the woman who brought me into this world 20 something years ago :)

Thats it folks...There you have it...Ms. Merrytime AKA MZYSU :)

Have a great weekend y'all


Sunday, August 5, 2012


August! August! August!...Surely my favorite month of the year :) Happy New month everybody, better late than never abi?

This blog post is more for me apparently no one is on my side on this case..

So lately as I turn left, right, front and back every every little kids I grew up with are popping out babies and I'm just like still in shock because some of these young girls just graduated from high school or not even yet a graduate and it just breaks my heart because a lot of these girls don't even know much about what life is all about . Usually it don't bother me much but when I found out one of the little girl I grew up with just had a baby I was plain devastated. This girl lets call her Sammy is probably about 18 or 19 and just had a baby of which the boy does not even want the child or anything to do with her. Sammy growing up was one of the book smart kids that I knew, competing in spelling bees and all that Academic decathalon events across the nation. In a way I put 20% of the blame on Sammy and the other 80% on her parents.

Now the problem I have with alot of African parent that relocate to US is the fact that they all feel like they have to work 24/7 just so they can have things to show off which leads to their children doing all sort of unimaginable things without their parents knowledge. The other set of parents are the ones that think they have to me super strict on their children everything revolve about school work and no play. Sammy's parent were probably the most strict parents I have every met and this girl can not even dare go outside for fresh air without her parent's consent. At age 16/17 I believe she got enough of it and decided to do whatever she want. This lead to her parent beating her up one day and she ended up calling the police and she was taking away by the government and letter ended up in a shelter. To cut the long story short she ended up doing all sort of crazy things afterall she has never had the taste of fun/life outside her house so she was ready to do everything, wherever and whenever which later led to a baby. It really breaks my heart because she is this smart little girl I used to know and could have earn herself an amazing scholarship to university if she graduated high school. In her case I really do blame her parents because you just can't be so overprotective of your kids because once they get out of your sight they will venture out into something that you have always deprive them of.

The other set of parents I can't tolerate are the gold diggers who don't care about the happiness or the well being of their child except what is in for them. Another friend of mine just got engage a few weeks ago and getting married in next year's fall. She is about 20 and knowing her pretty well enough I just think she is way to young especially getting married to someone who is almost 30.They are totally at two different life stage and its like she is skipping a stage in her life. In most african home (At least the ones i know) at early 20's is when you really start to find out who you really are and what you really want. Jumping from parent's house to hobby's house so quickly, when do you get  your alone time?  The guy is a working young man and she is a college sophomore and in my head I was just thinking when I was 20 the last thing my parent will agree to would be me getting married without even finishing a first degree. For me if my daughter really loves the man and the man claims he loves her then I would have said wait 2 years. Afterall if it is God's will then those 2 years to finish her education will not be a problem.

Anyways sha enough of my little rant, I guess you could call me old school if you like but I still think getting married younger than 20 and popping babies anywhere between 16-20 is too young especially when its not a mistake.I may just be too much into the  "finding myself/exploring who I'm" first before taking on the responsibility of becoming a wife and a mother. Many people I know disagree with me about these early marriage and baby outside of marriage/without a father stuff so I shall rest my own case here. This post is more for my rant but of course I love hearing your lovely comments and stand.


P.S  In my next post I shall have a few surprises for y'all and probably a giveaway too. I shall also be answering any/all question so if you have ever wanted to ask me anything you've got a chance to ask me. is my email and I shall answer them in a future post.

P.P.S. Dancing Alanta, Azonto and Kukere all at ones just because its August and the best people are born in August for sure. Early birthday shout out to Didi and every other blogger or follower born in August :)

P.P.P.S Hillsong Live is going to be in town in a few weeks and I so can't wait for this, I'm sure  inthemidstofher knows how this feels lol :)