Monday, May 5, 2014

Speak it, Believe it, & Run with it.

Happy new  month everyone!! It is absolutely amazing how the year 2014 is flying by so fast. My prayer is that God will continue to sustain us and our households.

As we embark into the second half of the year I just wanted to mention again how powerful our tongue is. If you have been following my blogs for a while you will know that faith and prophesy is one of my most favorite theme. There is a mighty power in our tongue and it is absolutely one of the greatest weapon we have in life. It could be a positive or negative weapon but it is unto us according to our desire. In the very short time I have live, I can say that I am a living testimony of words that came out of my mouth.

As we always say in my ministry "A close mouth is a close destiny!" The Angels are always around us to pick up every thing that comes out of our mouth and we are warned  that we cannot say before an angel that the words we said were an error.

The word that we speak are seed we sow into our future, therefore we must be careful of what we sow now for the harvest is sure going to manifest itself. Positivity will always yield positive result and negativity will also yield negative result. It does not end at speaking it, we must also believe that what we have spoken will surely happen for us in its due time

Today in everything you lay your hand to do, prophesy positivity into it and watch it unfold. Speak it, Believe it, Run with it and you will surely see it Manifest.

Bless week!