Friday, January 21, 2011

Unbroken love

If I had to choose Item in the whole world would be my laptop. Well maybe not but I'm truly a computer junkie and love everything about it. I'm glued to my vaio every day and can't get enough of it, apart from my TI-89 calculator my laptop is my next favorite item. Back in the days I use to read but now a days it will take me months to finish a book but it takes me just about a few days to finish a downloaded novel. Last semester was the best semester ever in my life and I was shock by my grades which i never expected but it all happened because I hate using library computers and my laptop broke so I had no choice but to study in my dorm room. I had prayed for the GPA and that was God's way of working. I cried when my laptop broke but only for God to prove Himself again that every disappointment indeed is always a blessing. So here it is again I'm about to start school in a few days and my laptop got a virus and the Internet is not working hope to get it fix by the time I get home but if not so be it, I need to boost my GPA into grad school first.

I've been reading blog post all day since I've been on blog town less and I feel so distached from everyone one now but hopefully to get things fix asap. In the meantime I'm still enjoying N'Orleans and 2 more days of sunshine and back to the snow storms. As much as I thought i did gain 6 extra pounds in 3 weeks, it was well needed...goal is to gain 10lbs this while still in shape but combing running and school stress I shall be losing those 5 pounds again within 2 weeks. So just as last year this goal might never be reach :( While touring, cooking and killing time I decided to free write a bit and here is what came out hope

When the world around begins to move faster beyond  measure,
When the things that means everything becomes useless,
When the happiness in my heart cannot be express,
When the pain cannot be express in words,

At that stage there is only but one who knows.

Who knows the things I feel deep within,
Who know the things that means so much,
Who knows the things that men knows not about me
Who knows how to comfort me and tell me it is well

When my imperfection overshadows my light
When I began to divert from my journey,
When I stumble, When I fall, When I'm wrong...

He Whispers and tell me that I'm LOVED.

With the greatest love that can ever be given,
With the love that cannot be measured,
With the love that remains endless,
The love greater than that of a mother and child,

That's the  love he always has for me

At times I forsake Him when all is well, when the fast pace of the world take away my attention, but I've come to the point of speaking less and listening more this year while waiting and willing to be used ever than before and maximizing my singleness to the glory of God because once the hubby & family comes my time shall be slice.

Random thoughts at the moment
My song on replay at the moment: "He's Able" by Darwin
Movie I need to go watch: Mr. Ibu *Sigh I think I'm late on that*
Mood: Excited and doing the happy dance
Status: Mr. A-square in this post and I still glowing than ever *blushing, hide my face*
I need/want: Hot chocolate with extra extra whip creme and sugar
I miss: My little brother can't wait to see him even though we skype everyday
Yay to the fact that I went into the most beautiful boutique I've ever entered in my life and walk out without buying an item.
Blessings & love


  1. Tnxx 4 stopping by my blog....e pele oo about your laptop...e-y-aa on your GPA..can still make up for it this semester....happy about gaining some pounds?! starting soon?..goodluck!

  2. Happy New Year and sorry about your laptop, I hope it gets sorted soon, and your GPA too.

    Congrats on you and Mr. A-square, enjoy girl...

  3. Sorry about ur laptop...i hope it gets fixed asap.

    LOVE THE POEM!!! Especially the maximizing my singleness part! :-)

    YAY @ you and Mr. A-squared! That's what I like to hear ooooooo *smiles*

  4. @ Ibhade: I know right Ironic enough I'm excited. Thanks for the wishes ma
    @MW Thanks and Happy New year to you to dear
    @ Lady B: Thanks :)