Thursday, January 6, 2011

Don't be a Victim

I had a post all written up and realize it was a little too much about me so decided to start all over again. No worries sha I will still be sharing some gist about my trip as I promised so stay tone.

Don't be a Victim #1
First time I heard of craigslist I was like "what in the world!" 6 years later my opinion have not change a bit. If you don't know what craigslist is, it is simply a website almost like ebay where people advertise items for sale. It could range from house, car, jobs, tutors, massage, to a date with a guy/girl, pretty much anything you can think of. My friend bought a car on craigslist before for $8000, went in to sign all the paper work and everything went well. Well at least so he thought until he got a mail that the car was $18.000. He went to court and everything and there was nothing they could do. All sort of 419 and even killers are all over craigslist, so please don't be a victim, matter of fact don't even go on that website and try to negotiate. I almost fell once into a trap when looking to buy my car but thank God I'm Nigerian because you can't 419 a Nigerian. Anyway there is a movie on Lifetime called Craigslist Killer and I really enjoyed watching it on Monday so you might like it as well. It will be airing again January 8th and 9th at 9:00pm..
Lifetime original movie The Craigslist Killer had a strong showing Monday night, averaging 5.4 million viewers. The movie, which starred Greek’s Jake McDorman, Agnes Bruckner and William Baldwin, marked Lifetime’s fifth most-watched movie premiere ever. The Craigslist Killer drew 1.7 million viewers among adults 18-34 demo, the network’s second most-watched original film premiere in the demo. The movie was up triple digits -- compared to Lifetime’s original movie average last year -- in total viewers, adults 25-54, women 18-49 (2.05 million) and women 25-54 (1.9 million).The telefilm is based on the real-life story of Philip Markoff, a med student and member of the National Honor Society, who was accused of killing a woman he found through Craigslist.

Don't Be a Victim # 2

Up until today it still surprise me how I no longer care about secular music(excluding Naija have grown to hate them now with all the women degrading, swearing and all that...urgg how they piss me off. Once in a blue moon I'd still play some R Kelly, Neyo, Chris Brown or some underground artist. but yeah I'm over American music now...This all came about when I heard of Illuminati and watch countless videos on them. Everybody has a right to listen to what ever they want to listen too but all I've got to say is if you are a Christian or a believer at all is Do you even listen to the lyric or just dance to the songs? Have you ever read their lyric backwards? or even care to know what all their signs means? Here is a quick video on Beyonce and Jay Z...Enjoy it!

Source: Youtube

Now they have the Gospel of Hip hop, Church of Hip Hop, Pastor of Hip Hop and all that. The birds are falling from the sky for no reasons, People are paying to enter church (Check out Blog(s)ville gist for this). The world is coming to an end. Be aware and don't be a Victim in 2011!
Life in New Orleans
I'm definitely loving it, away from snow. Pretty much I've been cooking, touring, working and shopping. Since my uncle is married to an Oyibo she took me out shopping and got me a whole new wardrobe, like legit a whole suitcase of clothing, shoes, bags and accesories, This means no shopping in 2011, meaning goal number 7 from this has been accomplished already God is good...lolz! Now I know what momsy meant when she said "They will spoil you at their house" Will be back with more on my countless days with my adorable yet so annoying and sweet little cousin.

Much love


  1. I heard about that craiglist killer movie, I def wanna check it out!

    And i'm over American music also!!! mehn it sucks...all those waka flaka, gucci man, and co...they'll be fine!

    Wow, someone is enjoying o!!! A whole new wardrobe, can I come over and join you please??? lol

  2. Wow that video is deeeeeeeeeeeepppppp!!! God help us

  3. Thanks for sharing will check it out..Happy NEw YEar to ya too, just started following ya blog.

  4. @ Blessing boo... you are more than welcome...the more the merrier :)
    YNB...thanks Happy New Year to you too and thx for following