Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stylist and Versatile!

I'd say I'm indeed grateful for the honor of been tag as a Stylish and versatile blogger. An awesome blogger In The Midst Of Her gave me this award a few days back and i just wanted to say thank you so much dearie!

So the rules are

1) Thank the person(s) who gave you the award and link back to them in your post (CHECK).

2) Tell us 7 things about yourself.

3) Award 15 other bloggers.

4) Contact these bloggers & let them know that they've won.

7 things about mz. Yellow Sisi Unspoken aka Shopaholic

1. Praise dance: The most amazing thing that has every happened to me in life. God has bless me with the ability to worship and minister to people around me in dance and also it is the perfect therapy in times of trouble and worries. Close my eyes and just dance the moments away

2. I love writing:  Just like chizzy  I really do not like writing. I only write when I'm super excited and feel like I need to put it down to calm myself or when I need to vent out.

3. Heels, heels and then some more: 20 Years from now I will grow out of my cloths but definitely not my shoes. I’m a big shoeholic. I can’t go a month without at least 1 new pair of shoes. The cool thing however is that a friend of mine and I decided to donate a pair of shoe for  every new purchase and so far it has been working well. It feel good to give and at the same time it is a motivation not to shop when I really don’t want to give out a pair of shoe that I like so much.

4.  I love my friends and I -  Yes I said it "I love myself" If you don't no one will. My girl friends say I talk alot they think I'm crazy because the I get over excited over the littlest thing. My guy friends think I'm the most funniest and sarcastic person. New Friends says "Wow you are very different than I thought. "Stranger: She is so quite, soft and shy."  I'd say I'm very sarcastic and if you don't know me on a personal level some things might hurt your feelings so I try to force myself not to me sarcastic on here.

5. I like my Egusi: It sure taste a million times better on the second day or day after, I don't know why but so far I've only met one other person who also hate egusi on the first day.

6. I'm not a fan: I watch tv and tons of movies but I could care less to know the actors and actress names or following up with their life. celebrity gossip what? I could walk by the biggest star and still say "hello" like a normal person and I'm yet to understand why people would do crazy things to meet them.

7. My ultimate goal is to own an orphanage home. Every child deserve an roof, a lovely environment and seeing them happy is the most amazing thing ever. You know the feeling you get when you realize you just made someone's day or even as small as putting a smile on their face.

8. Dream job/lifestyle: If I was not an Engineer I would probably be a fashion designers but like a typical Nigerian parent there was no way mine would have paid thousands of dollars on fashion. You know naija parent must be mama doctor, lawyer or mama engineer. I'm known for breaking rules just beacuse i like to be unique and here I'm breaking the 7-things rules *Opps*

Now you know a little more about me so how about we hear from some of other bloggers. I think you all are wonderful and amazing bloggers and deserve this award. Happy Blogging!

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  1. You are such an inspiration inside out, I love your list of 7 things. Girl, am so loving shoes right now and happy to know another lady that loves Egusi, thanks for the tag, love it