Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Celebrating Women Part 2

Please allow me to introduce P4CM - Blair Wingo!

Passion for Christ Movement is a group of young men and women representing Christ and spreading the good news via spoken word. I have been listening to them speak for years and fell in love with Blair wingo over the year.

For many young people the biggest influence is usually not from someone much older than them but rather someone close to their age. Spoken words are powerful, just one word may be just what someone needed to hear and Blair wingo has a way of doing that through her poetry so I wanted to commend her for that..  Check out more of her work on P4CM Page

Enjoy the rest of the week


  1. Ill watch it when I have faster internet :) lol

  2. Loving this post , love your compassion for women, keep it up...:=) I

  3. You took the words out my mouth..."Spoken words are powerful!"

  4. the first time i saw this...i was like wow....

  5. i'm glad you guys likes it
    @midst of her...I've been looking for you send me your email or inbox me

  6. woow! spoken word..that blair goes deep