Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Celebrating Women - Part 1

Happy Women History Month again...I had mention here that I will be posting more on women's month but got carried away with spring break trip and NSBE National Convention which was fabulous by the way. For this month I have pretty much been attending women's dinner/get together type of events with my two favorite been the International Women's day on 3/8 and a  Women Appreciation Dinner hosted by male's organization on campus. The appreciation dinner was definitely awesome, I felt so appreciated with the males walking the ladies to their seats, puting the coat away, serving dinner, giving the ladies roses and much more For a moment I was questioning if this was the same school I have been in for a 4 years and if these where the men I knew because they sure act as the opposite of gentlemen 99.8% of the time. My conclusion at the end of the evening was that men can be gentle when they want to. To top everything off my bestie won the student female leader of the year at the event and I was so happy for her because she deserved it.

Now as part of celebrating women I will be dedicating my next 3 post some awesome and amazing women.

Over the course of the month I was opportune to be part of Bead for Life Bead Party at my campus. It was great bonding, making, buying and selling beads knowing it was going  for a great cause.

Bead For Life was Co-founded by three amazing women Ginny Jordan, Devin Hibbard and Torkin Wakefield with a mission to sustainable opportunity for women to lift their family out of extreme poverty by connecting people worldwide in a circle of exchange that enrich everyone. It is really nice seeing people helping one another especially when you may have absolutely nothing in common or live miles upon miles apart.

Eradicating poverty will not happen at once but with  thousands of mini step. It is amazing to see how many lives has been changed just by making beads. Enjoy the video and check out Bead For Life and maybe host your own bead party as well.

Enjoy the rest of the week lovelies



  1. I'm looking forward to reading more about these amazing women. :-)

  2. Awww...loving this already...pls post moreeee!!!

  3. keep on sharing, would love to support in the beads for poverty..great post girl, l love it

  4. Great post. There are some very strong intelligent beautiful women out there.

    Love your blog, following.
    Stop by Alee's Perspective and say whats up!

  5. I actually checked out their website and must say, I was amazed at their work, really great work by this women, do Nigerian women have a charity organization where women in poverty create something to sell, make a living. Been checking online for one for Nigerian women facing poverty.