Friday, March 11, 2011

You are what you speak

Morning, Afternoon, Evening to all you wonderful bloggers/reader ....Where have I been?...hmm in the land of procrastination, staying away from all the sort of writing (here is why). However I have most definitely been enjoying reading all the blog posts even though I barely make it to comment.

On the bright side YAY to spring break!...HAPPY WOMEN'S MONTH TO ALL YOU WONDERFUL; LADIES ESPECIALLY THE MOTHERS OUT THERE (proper post on this coming soon)

For the past few years I always spend my spring break on a mission trip in California but this year I could barely afford it :( I remember just around this time last on our trip to Cali we had a mini earthquake out in Burbank...I woke up with the windows shaking and I remembered being terrified...My heart goes out to all my brothers and sisters out in Japan, those who lost their life, loves ones, homes etc  may God comfort them all.

Now back to the tithe of this post... What do you speak about yourself? People around you? Your future?You are what you speak!...Yes I say so!

"I don't feel appreciated sometimes. I give all I have, time and effort to people and yet all I get is nothing with every year I start my birthday with depressions"

I was shock to hear these words coming from the mouth of a friend, a strong Christian. It really hurt my heart to see her say these things and  it made me think otherwise. Our tongue is a liquid fire and we should therefore be careful of the things we say mainly because there are angels picking up every single words and you can't say before an angel that it was an error. Now expectation is the mother of manifestation and so lets be careful of what we speak and expect because that is exactly what we get at times.

speaking positively is something that will brings healing, prosperity, joy and love, peace, self-esteem and many. " Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones" -Proverbs 16:24

 Now I may not know where you are now or what you are going through but one thing I know is there is a way out for you. Growing up, anytime I was angry I will speak crazy things like "my life is worthless, God has no plans for me, or I don't even want to live anymore" simply because things I wanted where not going right, praise God I have grown out of that by reading His word repeatedly.

Words where spoken by God, Jesus, the disciples, prophets and things happen and so we can do the same as well. Even the simplest proclamations makes a big difference to the things that happens to us. Some of the phrase I use constantly are:
  •  "Even the betrayal was one of Jesus closest friend so who I'm I not to be betrayed"
  • "I'm a brand new person therefor old ways are gone - When I'm tempted
  • "I'm born again" - When I'm asked  "why don't you do that?"
  • " I'm more than a conqueror" - When the devil try to attack
  • "My body is the temple of God and sickness and Diseases has no right to dwell in it - When I'm sick

At times you may wonder....

What if I stumble?
What if I fall?
will He lift me up?
what if I'm not perfect?
what if I go wrong?
will He correct me?
What if I choose to go my own path?
Will He still bring me back?

And then He whispers....

I'm your father
I will always lift you up 
you are not perfect but you still remains my child
I have a plan for you, a hope and a future
and so? if you go the wrong way
I will always bring you back

Lastly all I've got to say is words are powerful and sometimes it is best to leave some UNSPOKEN

How do I feel? - I've got my own Swagger cuz I'm Simply and Wonderfully Assembled by God (S.W.A.G)

 Lately: I have been getting in so much trouble with my facial expressions and hurt a few :( ...alot of people think its funny when I make faces because they are priceless and some pause and then laugh, others get piss and walk away. Now usually your lips/words tend to match with your facial expression but NOT me especially when I'm focus on something and you are trying to talk to me.

What I'm I doing: Packing and traveling for spring break excited.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. lol.. facial expressions say a thousand words, they count big time

  2. Beautiful...timely...Needed! God bless you.

  3. Ps... I want to know how the Hillsong concert was! Did you enjoy it??lol

  4. @MOH...the concert was great went with a whole bunch of students from campus fellowshipp and we had an amazing time...wish they would come around again soon