Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I never Signed up for this

How are you all doing? I've got so many gist and stuff that I really want to write about but with all the writing I have been doing lately it is so difficult to post all the gist.

I find it funny sometime when people around me or myself say things like "that's impossible or I can't do it" these are words that constantly flow in the air around me and sometime from my mouth as well (*hide my face*) . Now with men many things are impossible but with God all things are possible and I have grown to understand over the years that there is no such thing as "Impossible" because the "impossible situation" simply translate to "I'm possible situation".

In my case,  I made it to my first semester of senior year back in January and with open arm capstone proposal class welcomed me. Capstone is a senior project at my school which is basically a class meant to torture students with as many as 50% not graduating in the semester they are suppose to. Last year 75% did not graduate because they could not finish their project. However God always work in a mysterious ways and for the sake of His children protocol are broken. My department have never in it history done team capstone project and this semester it started offering team project which I believe is for my own sake :). Lately my ink have ran dry, my fingers numb from typing and more and more trees being consumed in my dorm room. I have never written so much in my entire 4 years in college, for weeks now I felt like I have become an English major constantly writing and papers. I clearly cannot remember the last time that I wrote 5 page single space papers apart from my journal and the worst part of it all is having to re-read and fix all possible errors and off course realizing that a whole paragraph does not make sense. My project which is a sensory room for disable students is pretty intense yet I am super excited to see the end result even when I clearly I have no idea how i will be building one. The room usually cost about $800-$2000 and we are expected to make the same thing for less than $500 how awesome is that? so to all my engineers out here if you have some ideas as to building an interactive board  let me know :').  never

Now the first day of class when professor gave a 3 hour lecture on capstone I  was wishing it was freshmen year again and I could switch my major but nope it was already too late now. I kept saying to myself "I never signed up for this" so why should I be doing this? sometime this are some questions that we ask ourselves when trials comes our way and we just want to give up.

Many time when God is taking us to an awesome place He never tell us the obstacles that we may meet along the way but just the picture. While we embark this journey we clearly have 2 option

1. Keep on keeping on without losing focus of where He is taking us 
2. Chicken out and tell God "Thanks for the offer but I'm fine where I'm" 

Option one is usually perfect and option 2 may be good for a short while but like most good thing it will surely come to an end because that is not the place that God has destined for you. In the midst of all this all I pray we are reminded constantly that God never place in His children's hands that which they cannot handle so it is indeed possible.

I will be back on here with more gist so in the meantime keep in mind that the Lord knows the thought that He has towards us, the thought of good and not of evil to give us hope and a future. (Jer 29: 11)


  1. You with God is a majority! I have this pending 40 page honors thesis due soon too. I know say no be moi moi. Just try your best and leave the rest...goodluck missy..