Thursday, April 14, 2011

Celebrating Women - Part 3

I Love my Body + Body Image

I really am fat and ugly and don't care what other people think of it. I think my body is completely disgusting so I avoid looking at it as much as possible
To you this stage may have past but I know their are still million teens, 20+ and even 30+ who struggle with body image. Sadly I hear the above quote constantly around campus and from many females in general. We have come to an era in which technology is booming and the media want you and I to look like a doll with  blond flowing long hair, blue eyes, perfect lip, face and curve  at the right places. The society expect you and me to have the perfect body, perfect make up and perfect cloth so we run like crazy women to the store to buy product that will make us look like the model but only to steal away our joy after days of product not working the "miracle." The society force you and I to spend countless hours in the Gym to shed away extral 30+ pounds to get to the ideal weight. Everything is all to be blame on the society but then who is the society?  It is me and you!


Do you Love your body?

Every woman to her own body...Growing up I have always struggled with weight; I was never overweight but more like underweight. I could eat everything in the whole house and still not gain a thing. It was always hard to gain weight but I could loose 10 pounds within a week or 2 without any exercise.  I remembered at 12 my mom had traveled to Nigeria first time in my life she had ever traveled for more than a and I lost about 20 pounds because I missed her (Yup momma's girl) and fast forward 8 years I never gain that 20 pounds back. Coming to college was my hardest struggle, when people who don't know me where talking all nonsense about me been thin. For a time it hurt but eventually I did snap out of it and became very comfortable in my size 2 skin. As mentioned in Unbroken love I still get very excited to gain weight after all my resolution is 10 pounds for the year, regardless of what happen  though I LOVE MY BODY!

The biggest problem I have come to realize after joining several women/ladies group is that we young ladies tend to be very harsh on one another. We do not appreciate each other much but rather criticize. How many times have you walked down the street and told a fellow lady you have nice eyes, curve etc? 

Join me in celebrating Womanhood!  We are tall, we are short, we are wide, we are skinny; we are heavy; we have got curve, spoon, hourglass, cone, and ruler; My face is oblong, oval, round, rectangular, square, heart, triangular, and diamond; our hair is long, short, straight and curly. we are smart, we are  intelligent, we confident, our self-esteem is high, and we have got motives because our body is the  temple of Christ....We are women, We are beautiful; We are comfortable in our skin and no matter the shape and size We LOVE our bodies.

Remember to smile when you look at the mirror because you are BeautiFULL

Self Love: If you don't love your self no one else will

Above all things the father have got the greatest Love for you

As part of women celebration series on my blog you are welcome to share your story on body image or self love as a woman and i shall be itchy to hear it



  1. 'We are women and we are beautiful' That says it all.

    And we need to appreciate each other.

  2. I celebrate with you people because me too I get woman.. and I appreciate her body too :) *wink* lol

    - LDP

  3. I love that you mentioned that women are not very encouraging to other women.

    I would even go so far as to say that mothers are often more critical of their daughters.
    I often hear mothers telling off their daughters regarding their looks - 'You are getting fat'...'You need to dress better'.....'Your hair etc'
    This is often done in a very aggressive way that can only damage self-confidence.

    Again, children are quick to pick up things. When a daughter hears a mother constantly talking about diets...she is likely to be over-conscious about any weight gain.

    *sigh* I talk too much.

    Bottom line, parents - mothers especially - also need to watch how we discuss body image around our daughters.

  4. @MOH we are indeed very Beautiful

    @LDP thank you so so much for joining in the celebration and knowing that their are guys that appreciate women and love them just as they are makes a ladie never to worry about themselves to please their men

    @Naijamum.....Thank you so much ma I really like the fact that you brought that because many mothers tend to be harsh on their daughters too....lolz talk to much ke? this page is yours as much as it is mine so share the word as much as you want :)

  5. @Naijamum..i know mothers are sometimes harsh when it comes to them talking about weight with their daughters,am not supporting the harshness but don`t U agree they do it for love???

    WOMEN are indeed beautiful and Unique but its up to them to do what enhances their beauty and not copy blindly..Nice post yellow SISI ..Ur newest stalker :)

  6. @Yellow sis...Thanks. You have now given me licence to talk...Okay oh! *smile*

    I agree to some extent that mums do it out of love. However, there are ways to convey a message better.

    If someone has bad breath, a friend will tell him. The good friend will call him aside and tell him quietly - in private. However, the 'bad friend' will shout it out in the presence of others.

    My point is that mums should be more sensitive to daughters' feelings. Words can hurt and kill self-esteem.

    I hope you get my drift now. xoxoxoxox

  7. truth is we're all diff, so far you are a healthy, i don't c what d fuss is about

  8. Great write up, that first video was really so honest because children are not left out. I love what dove is doing, it seems women get a bigger expectation in looks...

  9. @ Didi thanks and i love having new stalkers as well :)

    @Chizy - True

    @Myne - Thanks! I love their work too and certainly children are not to be left out afterall they are fast to learn and the things they see or hear is what they will dwell on as they grow

  10. this is really beautiful!

    i'm slim myself so i can relate with your side of the story. and yeah, girls can be soooooo mean, i went 'home' to see my mum some months back and the first thing one girl said to me was 'Dooshima, you look so thin. are you suffering?'. i have alot of confidence and self esteem but that ran me down esp cos i eat a whole lot and live well.

    but that's by the way, God loves us all the way we are and that's all that matters.

    God bless u for sharing

  11. its sad how many females these days really struggle with body image. I hate when i see perfectly healthy girls that arent even fat complain about their bodies. most anorexic and bulimic people are rail thin but still go on to purge themselves..its so sad! i know some days i wish i could nip and tuck parts of my body but generally, i love how i look and i hope everyone else can embrace their unique looks. i blame the media and all dem tiny models lol

  12. @Dosh....Thanks! wow that was harsh, It does take alot of hard work to let the things that people say not break you down...The tongue is a liquid fire and its hard to quench once it start to burn

    @Kitkat...It is sad for sure but gurl I love the fact that you love your body cuz if you don't no one else would...Cheers!

  13. This is such an important topic. So many people kill themselves because they are not happy with their looks.
    We need to be kind to people with our words and not say things that will push others' esteem down. Also families need to make their children feel accepted no matter what...