Monday, December 20, 2010

Been Content in all situation is the key

God is a God of wonders and He has done so many wonderful things for me one of which I had became so embarrass to share because I though of it as my fault and incapability but thank God he has changed my mindset and allows me to share this. After all if an earthly father gives more to a child who is thankful how much more the Father in Heaven who is the maker of Heaven and Earth, so here I'm with a heart of thanksgiving. I never intended to write this and you probably never intended to read this but I pray that it blesses anyone that reads this and perhaps make you have a reason to be thankful.

Now we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Until an individual have been tempted well enough it is almost impossible for him or her to reach where God is taking the person to. Now the devil knows that the place is going to make you a better person and so he will try all possible means to keep you from getting there. But all you gotta know is that no matter how deep you think you have fell ALWAYS get back up and remember that God is always on your side and will never let you go.

Now if you remember  my post All i want for Christmas you know I  was craving for  a beautiful Scion Tc and Dec. 25 could not come soon enough so December 10th I was invited to  a Nigerian Christmas party in my area and I was not so interested in going, so Saturday morning dec. 11 I went about running my errands...

Its was 8am in the morning and the most annoying song is blasting off on my phone. it was 8am on a Saturday morning, who wake up this morning and be calling me. 4 rings no pick up , 4 rings again no pick-up  4 rings  again, Urgg this person better have a good reason to be calling me.  Jacked up, pick the phone and its was daddy...OH SNAP gotta take this. half asleep all I could hear was "are you still sleeping I'm outside and we need to take your car to the garage now or you will be car less again for the next week"

Now this car of mine sef don suffer. I am only 5 years older than it sef and its about time it retire, everyday fix fix fix, but I knew I had no choice because surely the week has been miserable enough without a car on campus. Waiting outside for school shuttle and driving through all the other campuses for half hour is just not my thing. so off to the mechanic!

In the mean time I had Momsy's sequoia to drive since she was still in Nigeria and I love the feeling of a tiny girl driving a huge SUV and feeling all on top of the world :). 6pm car was still not fix and it was time for the Party. My friend decided not to go anymore neither did I,  but daddy wanted me to drop off my siblings so off we went.

8pm the street was dark and here I was manoeuvring a huge SUV on a one way double-sided parking street and I have no idea where I'm going. Been living in this down for over 7 years and still don't know my way around.
Sibling #2 : TAKE A LEFT
sibling # 1 : NO TAKE A RIGHT
Sibling #1 and #2  : HEY LOOK LOOOK LOOOK
Sibling #1 & #2 : looookkk...OH SNAP!

Little did I know what was going on, my head spinning around unable to concentrate and acknowledge what just happened. What was that yo?...Sibling # 1 & #2 You just crash the car...OMG OMG OMG WHAT DO I DO? and pull the car back and its stuck.! Pulling it back and forth until it got out. I had just crash into a parked car that had Wood. Clearly the car was not damage at all but Momsy SUZ is all damage on the side.. Door can't open and half the other door was half way out.

With tears running down my eyes I manage to drive back home as fast and slowly as i can to make sure the SUV still make it home in one piece.

thoughts in my head was my life has been trembled and what I'm i suppose to do? what do I tell mom and who is fixing this?...Boy was I in so much trouble!

First thing was to call Sis Pj and bless the Lord she came as soon as she heard me crying over the phone considering she could not make out any of the words I was saying.

After hours and hours of crying things started to make sense and I realize that I had no reasons to cry but to be thankful because it could have been worst. My siblings could have die or even myself.

Come to think of it....The devil has been playing several trick against my mom because she is a woman whom God has set aside to use in this era. All my life i've never seen her been used by God this much. It started out with the devil telling her that she has a possible Cancer but by the power in the Blood which took for a month before she went back for a re-test the doctor began to apologize because they could no longer find it in the several test that they performs after. As if that was not enough she was almost kidnap in Nigeria when she went home by an enemy.
Now December 6-11 I had not driven because the my car has been dead and dec 11th when I now drove I had an accident. Who knows maybe the devil had plan this for me for the week and God disabled my car or maybe the devil wanted to try Momsy again with her car and God had to use me to disable her car before She comes back from Nigeria. Who knows what could have happen sef? I can picture so many worst scenarios but in all things I still give thanks

To cut the story short I ended up finding a mechanic that would fix the car for about $4000 and have it ready within a week which is when momsy was coming back. I told my dad that I would take care of it but still it hurt so much that I'm car less for now and won't be able to purchase a new car anymore, matter of fact I've been in shock that I refuse to drive anymore hopefully I will overcome that fear soon but in the mean time. "I have learn to be content in all that i have" Phi 4:12, because there are many people out there of which material things are not even a concern to them but pure health, and here I'm complaining. My ex-roomate used to say that I'm spoilt but I sure know I'm not I just have some amazing parents that take pride in their children. Its funny when I tell people about the incident they immediately say what did your dad say and its funny because he was cool and just said "The worst could have happened, losing all 3 children in one day? what would I have told their mother?" With that I'm grateful to God for my life and blessing me with the most amazing parents in the world.

Have a bless week


  1. IN everything, give thanks...
    Thank God for His mercies too.

    Thanks for sharing with us :)

    - LDP

  2. @ LDP yes indeed
    @doll Merry Xmas to you too