Sunday, December 12, 2010

Studying Hard or Hardly Studying??

Its finals for the next two weeks and I have no option but to ace all my exams but here I'm blogging. I just could not resists keeping the post till after finals. I've been waiting and excited to see this new Yoruba (Nigerian) movie coming out called "Omo Ghetto" Funke Akindele my girl is in it and I just can't wait to see it because its definitely going to cause so much laughter. Check out the trailer on youtube.

Have you ever heard of Funke Akindele? This girl surely is a stand up comedian. I could watch her movie "Jenifa " a thousand and one time and still not get tired of it, holding my ribs as they starts to hurt and tearing up from laughter. "Jenifer" is a Yoruba movie and have sub titles and you will definitely enjoy it even if you do not speak the language. Although I can only understand about 60% of Yoruba language, I still love their movies because there is always something to learn from it. Yoruba people got some nice morals that I absolutely adore, who knows I might just get married to one myself :). Anyway in preparation for "Omo Gheto" check out "Jenifa" on youtube if you have not seen it or just want a good laugh.

Funke Akindele

Happy viewing and good luck with finals for those taking it.



  1. Lol...I saw the trailer to Omo Ghetto a while ago and I soooo looking forward to it!!! Funke Akindele is a clown!

    Good luck on your finals love!

  2. And the wait is officially over omo ghetto came out on youtube today