Monday, December 6, 2010

All I want for Christmas is....

I don't want alot for christmas there's just one thing that I need and I don't care about the present underneath the Christmas tree, I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know, make my dreams come trueeee, all I want for Christmas is YOUUUUU!
        So basically Christmas is already just around the corner and the above was actually the song blasting on my radio on my way from church this afternoon and all I could think was what I wanted for Christmas and it was so hard to actually come up with a list, which is totally unusual but come to think of it I've got the perfect phone I've always wanted and the laptop I've always wanted as well from black Friday. The only thing left was a Scion Tc my age 20+ dream car...Now I almost got one 2 weekend ago but long story short the guy did not want to sell it with the price that I requested since he had 2 customers biding at the same time. Now I love sport and 2 doors cars but my dad does not and I think he has been praying against it even though he will never tell me not to get it. I promise I'm not spoiled I'm just daddy's gurl :). Either way I think he's prayers are working though and I'm praying my own prayers too but what ever the case it God's will is always the best and he always have the perfect plan for any individual.

      Christmas is a great time to think of things we want but then again I've come to realize that all that I need I've got and everything else is a plus so this holiday i will be doing mostly giving than receiving. It is much greater to give than to receive and also a man a sow reap abundantly. So this season I really pray that men around the world remember the orphans and the poor, if you get a chance to give please don't neglect it. A pair of shoes or cloth lying in my room unworn for over 6 months would bring so much joy to a child out there that have never worn shoes or cloth in his/her lifetime.

      As I love to say expectation is the mother of manifestation, my heart is full of so much expectancy this holiday season and I just can't wait to celebrate. Sometimes I wonder why is it that I'm the only one left out in certain situations? Yet there is a constant reminder that if  that situation is thrown at me now, I most likely will not be able to handle it, so right now all I say is "may His will be done."

10 Random thoughts at the moment

*I need to finish this Psych paper instead of facebooking, blogging,  and chatting
*Its way to cold outside that I don't even want to walk back to my room
*Whats up with girls and extremely short short with leggings in mid winter night?
*I'm in Love with Jesus and He's in love with me!
*He that is mine will find me soon and soon enough
*God is always good
*Electronic lab is a pain
*I miss my momma
*When is the booski ariving?
*1 more day till  Shiloh 2010 :-)

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  1. yes yes yes and yes to asterik numbers 2.3.4 & 8.... as for 3, I cannot understand their thinking process!