Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh Oh Give Thanks!

 Oh give thanks unto our God for He is good and He's so good....I have every reason to be thankful to God on this this day. I thank God every day of my life but since today is set aside I figured  its about time that I post  21 things i'm thankful for mentioned here.

1. The gift of Life : Many do not have it, many have it but can't live it as they would have desired
2. Health: I can't remember the last time I have gone to a doctor for something more than a common cold
3. Sis PJ: My beautiful eldest sister, understanding and caring, she has proved to me that we clearly don't have to be biologically related.
4. The best parents in the whole wide world
5. Friends: I've made so many and lost so many but never regret any of the friendship, each one has deposited something positive in my life or teach me something I never knew
6. The Winner's Chapel Family
7. Christian Student Fellowship (CSF): Living on campus in an American university with thousands of unbelievers around you not understanding the reason you do things you do, its not EASY! but with my CSF family everything is easier and I know I'm not on this Journey Alone.
8. Amazing extended family I've been blessed with
9. Strength to carry on as an Engineer Major: 1st semester freshmen year I never thought I would still be an engineering major, but I have seen unlimited favor with people that help me to come this far to almost graduating.
10. Baby Marvelous: My 5 months baby cousin who brings joy to my family
11: Safety of my best friend in Afghanistan fighting
12: Living in a land of opportunity: Several things and places I've never dreamer of I have been given the opportunity to enjoy them 
13: My Employment: In this economy, I am thankful for all of my jobs.
14. Living a single life with a difference
15. The fact that I'm never alone or lonely because God is with me and in my heart always
16. That Him that is in me is greater than they in the world
17. Food: Yeah I love food and many don't have but I have more than enough
18. Power of Worship and Praise: I can barely pray for more than 15 mins but been able to Praise and just worship God for hours is a blessing because "He that sing praise twice."
19. Blog-Ville: I have encountered some amazing blogs on here that have been such a blessing. These include Blessing's outlet, LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR, From the Heart of a loving father and many more.  Every time I read them I'm always encouraged and inspired and I pray God will continuously use you all.
20. For Wisdom: Been able to know what is true or right have definitely help me to stay out of trouble with my actions and words.
21. His one and only Begotten son: I can never show my gratitude enough for this where would I ever be without Him

What are you Thankful for?

Since I've not gone home in a long time I decided to go on a Cook-a-thon Enjoy!

Round 1 - Breakfast/Brunch
Egg, plantain, Potato

Round 2 - Lunch

Stew with lots of meats
Caramel Apple Rice
Fruits fruits

More plantain 

Finally Table is set


  1. Wow! You did all that and didnt invite me? NOT FAIR!
    but seriously well done, thats a lot of food.
    happy thanksgiving.

    love your page too!

  2. Aww thank God for all that he's done and will continue to do in your life!

    And I've soooooooo glad that my blog has been a blessing!!! awwwww *hug*

  3. Meyn, some yummy stuff. Nice list of thanks!

  4. worry i'll def. fedex your portion asap :) ...Thanks for stopping by

    @Blessing...Amen many *hugs* too


  5. appetizing.. happy belated thanksgiving