Saturday, November 6, 2010

Amazing Randomness...

Fall is in the air and I absolutely love it. With the leaves changing colors, it's  looking extra beautiFULL. It takes a beautiful person to create Beautiful things and every beautiful creations He made never seize to amaze me and think how beautiful God is.

This was taking on the drive to the mall
Time change....If you live in the country you sure know fall/winter = time change. This means I get extra hour of sleep tonight since the time will be shifting backward. 

Speaking of fall means a new wardrobe. Time for me to get a little Parisian, Layering leggings,coats, blazers, cardigans, tunic, berets, scarfs, gloves, legwarmers, ankle boots, tall boots and everything else to keep extra warm and still fashionable :)

Friendly Friday or not so Friendly #3?
Every man is fearful, wonderful and uniquely made, with each man given a task or talent that is exceptionally unique. A talent or art that set others amaze. Its been said that "Master of all is Master of none." The problem is I enjoy doing so many stuff, Fashion, Music, Numbers, Science, braiding, sowing, dancing, I could go on and on. I absolutely love to braid when a person just sit down and say "work the magic" This Friday I had an opportunity to "Work the magic" so I spent my whole Friday night in a braiding/fixing hair marathon for my Nigerian girls on campus. 2 fixing and 1 single braid that lasted till Saturday morning.

Song in my head: I'm a friend of God - Israel and New Breed (Have you notice how many times I used amazing already in this post? thats because part of the lyric is "it's amazing" and its stuck in my head.
Currently Reading : How to be a Nigerian Peter Enahoro - can you believe I've never read this book until now? I'm definitely slacking big time.

Thankful for: All my new followers - Sometimes I just write for the sake of writing but to have people actually visit my blog let alone read it is amazing!. With that said, Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken was mentioned in blog gist earlier this week. Check it out Here

Question in my Head : Do women REALLY have it Easy? somebody please help me here!

Verse of the day : Exodus 14:14

Advise of the day: Never forget to smile! A Smile either draw you near or pull you away from people. To my ladies smiling does not only make you look younger but it makes you more attractive. To the mens, A lady never fail to notice how you smile. To the workers/Students, A smile can always get you to be favored by your boss or professor. I either heard or read this from somewhere " happens in a flash, and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever." 

If I stay here any longer this post would become a lot of run on sentences. Therefore I shall rest my fingers here. Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday night. Enjoy the week ahead!


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  1. I also have a lot of, writing, fashion, and the list goes on...i'm tryin to figure out how to merge them together, help me God!

    And women def DO NOT have it easy! Don't get me started on that one! From gf/wife, to daughter, mother, career woman/housewife, to help meet way!

    Oh oh u were mentioned on blog gist! Congrats :-)