Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mini-Steps to Forgiveness

So yes I did survive it. Ms Fashionista wanted an all pink bday dinner....Personally don't like pink and I was not in no mood to purchase a pink dress i may never wear again...check out Fahionista or maybe not? if you don't know what I'm talking about. Well Ms. and I finally came to compromise that I could wear pink w/ something else.....I really did not want to but again if I don't go now the whole naija community on campus will start to wonder what the beef is all about. and I've already been doing so well with keeping a low profile on campus to the extend people ask me if i still live on campus so I had to keep it that way.

As per the dinner it went ok, Half the people ended up not wearing pink sha cuz it was last minutes and who wears pink dress anyway? Some point was awkward but I'm glad I Survived it and I praise God for the courage to actually sit and smile the whole night.

Being the last Sunday of the month we had Singles meeting at church and the topic dealt on was conscious and forgiveness and it was really encouraging and I have come to a conclusion that even though I was badly hurt, I've forgiven, the pain will not die in a few days, weeks, or even months but I know it will. Some things I took out of the meeting were

Hold forgiveness to one thing you value the most or something you desire in the future...For example learn to say to yourself "If I don't forgive this person I may never have a good husband or children of my own" This will help ease the forgiveness process because you value those things so much that you just want to forgive and forget.

If Christ my father can forgive, who am I not to forgive?

Friends will wrong you and hurt you so use the opportunities to learn how to forgive because in marriage will come lots of hurts small or big and men being men they will never say "Sorry" They may be sorry but might not say it.

Moving on November is here so HAPPY NEW MONTH!


  1. Aww, I'm glad you went! Good job...

    I like when you said that when you forgive someone it may take time for the pain to get away...that struck a chord for me!

    Thanks for sharing and HAPPY NEW MONTH TO U TOO!!!

  2. I love this...

    The truth about forgiveness is that, you are not only setting the offender free but also doing yourself a huge favour.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy New Month to you too.

    - LDP

    PS: Please, check out my blog, I promise, it'd bless you.