Monday, October 25, 2010

Fahionista or maybe not?

So I've been gone for a while, this crazy school of mine is not easy o so abeg make una nor vex i never forget this blog.  This one will be short but I will be back later this week sooner than you know it.

Anyway sha long time ago, on one faithful summer day I decided that i was finally done with friendship and learn to select my friends. Problem is I know way too many people and love them all to death so if one hurt me it change my whole view of friendship, life and people we relate with. You know the thing be say noh be by fire or by force to befriend somebody but like dem oyibo people dey say association is important in life. For now we will call this one girl/friend/sister Mz Fashionista?....Well this one girl used to mean the world to me and I see her as my sis since I biologically have none and something happened in the summer that things went bad. To the entend that we don't talk in school, church or work  and our mutual friends are starting to decay. Anywaz our parent have tried to settle everything and bring everything back to normal but its just so hard to hurts so much to the point that I think I need help. Anyway her birthday is this upcoming Friday and I'm still contemplating on going or not. I'm really praying for this but we will see what happen.

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  1. Awww...that really sux! I hope u make the right decision...I'm sure God will lead u. Have a blessed wk!