Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ghana no go kill me o

Friendly Friday 2

Friendly or maybe not so friendly?...Bowling always sound awesome when you've got a whole bunch of naija gurls that are just horrible at bowling. This one was going to be with a bunch of people that are probably pro-bowlers so I decided not to go anymore after my friend backed out on me. This meant in-door friday so 8:00 on the dot I was in bed you know with my laptop on my stomach and food in one hand ready for a movie marathon. I shall only write about one of them.

Have I mentioned how much i love Ghana movies? all my Ghana people I still love y'all though its just that I can't stand the movies. Recently, ok maybe sometime in the spring 4Play came out. Hey don't blame me jor, one thief came and stole the time from me so it is now that I'm watching it. Well let just say it was disgusting, I mean seriously must everything be expose? This is Africa movie we are talking about here and not some American movie, even American are not that bad. Now the new trend is Ghana movie is not complete without a sex scene.

Ok my next complain is colors. The girls are blinding me with colors o, haba yellow, green, red, blue and everything from head to toe must much urgg. And have you notice too that they all wear the same outfit just in different colors.

The only thing I can say is overall the girls were funny in their stupid acts. And big ups to an actual good ending for the first time. I mean no confusion everything was clear. That was it for the night so 4:00am I decided to call it a night.

If you want to watch it for yourself checkout

Oh and by the way I love my Naija people we are so loud and our present is always acknowledge. While I was watching my movie jeje all of a sudden outside my window someone started blasting KOKOROKO and I could not help but sing along too.


  1. I actually liked 4play...well minus the sex scenes!

    Some of the acting was kinda wack also...but I liked the story line.

    And I love colors!!!

  2. I have not seen the movie, is it that bad because I was thinking of watching over the weekend
    I think this whole sex scenes in their movies is becoming too much.

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  4. @ Lara apart from the sex scene i think it is actually one of the best story line of Ghana movie i have seen in a long time...the ending makes sense.

    @ la mi...Thanks i will definately check it out