Friday, September 3, 2010

Someone enjoyed her summer!

Happy New Month
I know i'm late. Happy New month!..can you believe its already the 3rd day of september and before you know it it will be december. I wish you all an abundant blessing and favor this new month and I know in this last four months september, October, November and December God is set to remember you and that situation you have been struggling with for His word say
No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him
The greatest love I have found still remains in Him and I hope yours is too.

New month always equal new thing in me. I finally moved in on campus on tuesday night after everyone has moved in since saturday. Let just say I was lazy to pack but hey it works out well because i'm trying to keep a low profile this semester. Sadly I won't be graduating in May. All my friends will be graduating in May and I'll still have to wait an extra semester. I guess this is the price I have to pay for choosing to major in Engineering and Business minor.


Ahh mr. Oh so hot hot. Ok maybe not so new but he is still oh so hot hot. When you think engineers you think geeks but this dude is so fly for an engineer like me (*wink*)...He has got the most amazing smile ever and I can't help but get lost in his smile everytime I see him. Last semester he was there but this semester he's looking even more fresh with the tan skin and afro. Did I mention he is mix black and caucasian and I'm in love with mix children. Anyway First day of school you know I had to look extra fine. I had a black dress with pink and green flower print all over, black legging to look classy rather than trashy since the dress was short and a matching studs and bracelet. I have never appreciated been a size 1 so much until this moment lol. One of my guy friend yelled from the hall and was like "wow someone enjoyed the rest of the summer...looking so fresh" I blush and next thing i knew came Mr. Oh so hot hot standing there too and he was like "I like your dress you look very nice with the colors"...first i'm like cool in my head catching myself blushing again and mumbled thanks..

Spiderman always come to rescue, was so glad to see him finally after 4 classes went by and i'm like "I can't believe I have no class with Spiderman this semester." Before my last class started he finally came in and i had the biggest smile ever because he's my other bodyguard that always help me and pull me along classes for the whole semester when I start to fall.


I finally got that single room I requested for so the deal is

1. Straight A's and little B's
2. Pull through with either 17 or 20 credits
3. Keep a low profile
4. Get more involve in Christian Student Fellowship
5. Make very few friends as some has been a disapointment this summer
6.Read my Bible and pray Everyday
7. Go to bed by 12 everyday (haha this will be a big one)
8. Always read a chapter ahead
9. Have FUN
10.Get in the 5 years BS and MS program by the end of the semester

So since i'm back to school I have decided to do a couple series called Friendly Fridays. it will be some on the amzing things that happens friday nights that i'm on campus so hope you enjoy.

Friendly Friday 1

The weekend officially starts with my class ending at 3:00pm. Words on the street is we are expecting a hurricane to hit our area. My dad called me today asking about it and telling me he went to buy food... I could not help but laugh because I just don't believe all that. And what I don't understand is how do they get the hurricane's names, I mean each one of them have their own names can somebody help me out here lol?

Went over to my sis house after and we are planing a day trip to NY for labor day so if you live in NY I most definately need ideas on things to do and places to go.

Came back to the dorm at about 7pm and boy does my wisdom tooth hurt so bad i can barely open my mouth let alone talk. Some of my friends live in the same dorm as myself so I came over and we've been blasting music for more than 3 hours. Alot of Naija oldies like them infinity, resonance, old p-squares, paul play and a bunch of others that just brought back memories. Its most definately my first friday back to campus and word on the street is one of the professional male group is throwing a welcome back to school party. Now me I love parties but not really if you know what I mean. dirty dancing and getting drunk is not the atmosphere I like to be so I called it a no no for the day. However sitting in the room and seeing how the other 5 girls were talking about this party and mama e o you should have seen the outfits...sometimes I just wonder how they can where things so short all in the name of fashion. I guess its worth it with all the attention.

Ok i'm so done boring you guys sorry for the long write-up.

Have you started school yet?...I want to hear about it

luv luv


  1. lol at Mr oh so hot hot...would love to read more jist bout him!

    Enjoy the rest of the semester!!!

  2. Thanks hun definately a few more post on him soon