Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friendly Friday #4 (Just had to...)

School has been busy planning 2 big events one for my work study and the other was a big fancy banquet by one of my student organization of which I am an officer.

Many people usually assume I’m Hispanic or mulatto or half-cast (I sure remember those days in Naija been called half –cast ) at first glance but lately I have got quite some interesting once and I just had to share …. So my second event which was the banquet happened on Friday night at a really nice fancy ball room. After much planning and running around for the past two months all I wanted was for the banquet to be over . The night started out with me having my own little dinner knowing well that I will probably not have chance to eat considering I was a co-host for the night.

The night started out amazing with people coming in gradually and late as usual. Chei African-time is too much! Anyway so 7:30 food came and then presentations and performances including an awesome magician, He was making people things disappear and reappear in his hand or mouth and it wow so impressive.  Just around 10:00pm I was set on duty for ticket sales and there was a group of three guys that walked in. They all walked in majestically and had the audacity to pretend that they did not know we were selling tickets to get in. Half way through of them came and then paid.

The night went by jeh jeh till I finished co-hosting the best dress award session. On my way back to my seat one of the three guys that came in extra late stopped me to start a conversation.
Guy:  something keep telling me you are Kenyan.
Mz YSU:  are you serious?  really? for real?
Guy: yes i'm very sure you are Kenyan
Mz. YSU : ..........No i'm not sorry! I'm Nigerian  are you Kenyan?

This guy claimed that I look familiar like someone from his church. Trying to be polite as a one of the host I kept on with the conversation and all I could really focus on was the big alcohol smell that I could not open my nose properly to inhale. Anyway after we talk for about ten minutes or so, Guy: where is the after party at?

See me see trouble o! This event is ending at 1am and after all this planning, and running for a successful event the last thing I want is to sleep in my bed till Saturday morning. I told him there is no after party at least not for me. After a while with me trying to explain to him there is no after party, guy goes“lets go for a drink after and then we can go to your place.” I replied “I’m sorry SIR I don’t drink, it is strictly against my personal morals and even if I did I will not be going out with a well to do older looking guy like you.” I just had to put him in his place. Thank God before he responded my friend interrupted because she wanted to take picture with me. I just had to put him in his place. First of all when you see a Kenyan you cannot miss it and him been a Kenyan should be able to know well enough that I do not look Kenyan and me been Yellow Sisi should have given him some hint. Kenyan men in my community are known for drinking and he look old enough to be married with 2 kids.

This brings me back to Boys/Guys/Men of now a days, everything has to be about the physical. Whatever happened to the days of knowing a person as an individual and their personality? Guy mentioned he got a home church and yet must have missed the portion "Don't you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?” Guys like this disgust me and these are the type of people that makes my heart tremble when non-believers refuse to even hear the word of God I try to share because it always end up with “how come so and so did such and such if he is a Christian.” Pastor’s children photos in club houses is definitely the growing trend these people make it embarrassing me to claim pastor’s child as the day grow.

Anyway this week is thanksgiving and momsy traveled to naija yesterday which means I shall be doing all the thanksgiving cooking at my house. I have not been home in a while so have not cooked since like summer ending so I’m excited. Is Black Friday really worth t? I need me a new Sony Vaio. HAPPY THANKSGIVING in advance!


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  1. SMH @ that loser...I'm sooooo glad that you put him in his place jare!

    And I totally agree with you with the pastor's kids as a matter of fact all of the people that claim to be christians acting a fool! It's so annoying!