Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A to the U to the G to the U to the S and to the T = AUGUST

Forever 21 baby

The BEST month of the year YESSIR!...its a new month ,a new me and a new year. The month started of great yesterday. Now if you are a WINNER (AKA Living faith Church) you already know first day of the month is covenant day of trumpet and August 1st happen to fall on a Sunday which means double praise and all I can say is I was so blessed and honor to lead the service praise and worship session yesterday and I know God did used me yesterday in a way like never before. With that I started my new book today by Papa Bishop David Oyedepo The Power of Praise. This month is a big deal for me pretty much because I already know that Unlimited Breakthrough is my Birthright. My head is big so are the numerous things that I have stored in them…lol but I still learned some things yesterday such as…

Speaking of daydreaming of beach the other day in class I went to the beach after church with a couple of friends eating mancala, ludo, eating meatpie, jellof, fried rice, scotch egg, amala and ewedu and eba with efo …haha nah that was a little exaggeration but yeah I definitely had a blast, laughing at people and with people was great the only thing missing was the perfect 90 degree weather so I could get my tan (wink) and see shells like bar-beach in Lagos.
And now the countdown has officially begin…Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken turns FOREVER 21 (Yes one of my favorite store is FOREVER 21… ) in 9 days. SO EXCITTED! I shall be officially and fully legal except I still can’t rent a car yet …shoot!
So for the new me for august I decided on braids considering the fact that its summer and its way too hot…I have not had braids in like 8 months so it feels so good…Only God knows how long it took me to decide what to do with my hair, getting up at 6am to do hair is a NO NO NO and these oyibo people sef won’t let you rest once you change hair style it becomes what did you do to your hair and I’m just like AWK---WARD. But today I finally did it and I got all kind of response from people not noticing at all to you added extensions that is so COOL to HOLY CRAP what did you do…But I’m glad I did not have to answer too many people today. They should not be minding my own business in the first place.

I shall also be getting a NEW CAR by the end of the month and if God surprises me enough I should have my Flight ticket to Naija too.

And my scripture of the day which I happen to love so much and I know its not a coincident for today is

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”- James 1:22

And lastly A close Mouth is a close Destiny so speak or write the Unspoken and if you are reading my blog thanks A LOT!

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