Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The last few weeks has been so busy youth covention, school, work and what not. Brand new age, Brand new scion tc, HTC HD2 Phone, several new dresses, black bag from baker, steve madden bag from macys, money money, Now i imagine this week to be the best week EVER, Endless calls and text messages...this is how i envisioned this week, i mean its my birthday week and i just wanted to live it up until Sunday...The day my phone got missing. I can't believe i drop that phone and within legit 2 mins someone picked it up and its gone. Still so piss right now, $400 to get a new one, plus early termination and maybe data plan bringing it close to $1000. Boy what i'm i gonna do without a data plan and my mom most definately think i've gone insane to pay that.

You and I comfort zone

2 Days staight without a phone is like living in a desert. I felt so issolated from my the rest of the world but thank God for the oppotunity i got to free write a bit.

when the world around me begins to move fast
faster than i can barely follow
When the things that means alot becomes useless
When the happiness in my heart cannot be express
When the pain cannot be express in words
even at that stage there is only but One who knows
Knows the things i feel and cannot say
The things that means alot that others just don't see
There is but just one Man that knows

He knows how to comfort me
and tell me it is well
When i stumble
When i fall
When i'm wrong
He just tells me that i'm LOVED
With the greatest love that can ever be given
The love that cannot be measured
The love that remains endless

At times i forsake Him when all is well
The fast pace of the world takes away my attention
Now i just want to speak less and listen more
Waiting to be used
Maximizing my singleness to the glory of God
Yearning for that quite place
the place where i know its just me and Him
A land that i call the me and Him comfort zone

On the bright side its only about an hour to my 21st and I'm so excited even thought summer class final is on thursday *urgg*

21 THINGS I'M THANKFUL FOR... This should be up soon after this week with the birthday celebration updates.

For now someone i'm so thankful for is my Mother
My superhero
My love
My refuge
My pride
My joy
She is my all in all and i'm glad for the 9 months she carried me plus he 21 years she raised a smart, beautiful, talented...haha let just say the simple and yet so complicated person i've grown to be.

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