Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Birthweek must never end

It is exactly 7 days since the big 21 and i promissed to update on my birthWEEK.

Aug 11: Yeah on my special day i got stuck at work from 7-4pm and the whole time my phone was just buzzing...Silly me got a new phone and I had no idea how to put it on silence so the whole time the phone was vibrating. I could tell the poor guy near my cubical was getting piss off. Hey its my special day he had to deal with it. Afterwork was shopping with momma dearest and then sis PJ after momma got tired. This was 11pm meanwhile I had summer classes final exam the 12th

Aug 12: Woke up 6am talkinh to myself..."Should I or should I not call out?...hmm I really do need this morney so "frig it I'm off to work"
1pm and driving down the highway to my exam at 2pm. Need I say more I definiately blew that exam...I'm still so piss even though I know I did not study much I expected to do well but nooo since my Prof. had finally realize that everyone has been cheating in the previous exams he decided to make it so difficult. I was happy though because all these people will learn there lessons and doing my work with what I know how to do I know my God is in control.

Forget Signals and System, at least its over now. So I spent the evening driving over to sis PJ's place in boston, followed by a movie at the mall which we ended up not watching after we found out we had to wait for 2 hours. Instead we decided to go window shopping...we needed yellow dress/outfit for our photoshoot on sunday evening and there is no luck. Yellow is the best color and its no where to be found still 1.5 hours later.

Designer's shoes, designer's bag, designer's shades, designer's watch...designer's this and that. Well let just say as part of my bday celebration we went to a designer's ice cream place at the mall after window shoping...Now this ice-cream was yummy but mad expensive for a tiny cup of super-delicious oreo-cookies ice cream. Mr. T was with us complaining the whole time after we changed the plan of boat cruise to movie then shopping. What can I say for a beautiful set of sisters comes trouble as well.

Aug 13...Its day 5 of my birthday week and things just keep on getting better. So apperently this is the only unlucky friday the 13th of 2010 and I don't believe those things anyway so it will be a great day. The little sis came over later in the evening and thank God I got out of work early so more shoping with sis PJ and a couple other friends. Shoped from 2pm-9pm and after an hour drive backed home, went out for dinner....I still can't believe we all got dress and looking classy in 30 mins. Dinner till 1am and no I did not get drunk actually did not even taste alcohol I have to desire for it so 21 and legal is no big deal to me.

Aug. 14h...Doing mumsy's hair as well as the lil sis's hair and running a million errands today since the 15th is men's day celebration in church...

Upon all that my friend want me to go to her cookout in lynn and mom is forcing me to go to...urgg. So Ms. I is driving since i'm so tired.

About 4pm still out and about getting cake for men's day and then drop it off for mom b4 going to lynn.

After 5 back at home and there is mad cars and people at my house...shoot my mom and sisters got me so bad..its a huge surprise party at my house...

Everyone wearing Yellow and/or purple.

I can't believe they got I was like what about the photoshoot and then my sis told me that was just to get the color theme for the party since i've always wanted a color theme 21st b-day party....To top it all off they got me the cake from a wedding cake ladie that I wanted badly.

PARTY PARTY PARTY till midnight with the ones that I love and people i've not seen in the longest time....AWESOMENESS!!

Aug 15th...Mad tired and still more to do for men's day at church. Been a minister's child is not easy o. Waking up early to set up and all that..Boy i'm so tired.

So overall this was the best birthday/birthweek EVER!...I've still got my friends taking me out on two more outing this week and my arsenal jersy cuustomize by my cousin just for me should be arriving this week can't wait....Ok enough about my week, Are you a leo? celebrating your birthday this week or last or in the near future?

Bye for now
much love from Ms YSU

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