Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aye mi....

If not for God........

I love the sun and hate the cold with passion....who is ready for a story?...story story (story!) once upon a time (time time!)...haha just playing. I love ABSOLUTELY everything about my job except for the cold because apparently the AC is way too advance. Since i've decided to spend my summer break making money in an office i get no sun at all. I mean i miss getting my beautiful tan every summer and i still look as if i'm still in winter...Life as yellow sisi noh easy o.

I get very excited at about 11:30 everyday because that's the only time i get to see the sun since i always sit in my car or drive out for my break. So today i was too lazy to go get food so i decided to just sit in the car and read my book "The healing balm" I had my car on half way so i can listen to my music at the same time, so...

11:45 I'm still readying my book

12:10 Shoot! my break is over and i'm screwed
Got out of the car and had my i knew i had 3 things in my hands when i came for break, my book, phone and car keys but now i only have my phone

12:13 I'm standing by my car thinking i had three things my book is in the car and i have my phone what could possibly be the third item

12:15: Thinking in my head.. I'm already late and no time to worry about this now you will just get it later

12:15: Got out of car and rushed back inside
4:32pm....Looking looking for my keys can't find them

4:33 Did someone just come in my office and steal my keys? (Still looking)

4:45 O SNAP!...My keys! could i be so stupid, its still in the car with the car half running

4:46...rushing down the stair...oh snap i am so dead what if the battery is dead by now?...what if someone drove off my car?...what i'm i surpose to tell my dad?
snap snap?


4:50 Get in the car and snap its still running almost 4.5 hours later.

Ok yeah so that was my day...I can not be anymore thankful to God. Oh my stupid mistake what would i have done if my car was stollen....THANK YOU THANK YOU GOD


99 restaurants nine-nine reasons you always come back for more, ninety-nine a place you are looking forr ninety-nine you always come back for more...
WHo remember this comercial song?...
Yeah I love 99 restaurant, and how that hot chicken parm chicken melt in your mouth...yumm..(haha I'm such a fatty). Well my boss said Lunch was the 99 today I got so excited only to find out the weekly lunch was going to be brother's pizza...I had half chicken and cheese sub which was ok still wanted my chicken parm African and chicken ehn na wa sha I wonder what we will eat if chicken were to vanish.

Speaking of vanish I can't believe I've been doing my summer intern for two months already and I only have one more month left :( I love this job men getting paid well and i'm not even talking about $15 intern a whole lot than that...ok that was kinda TMI....Point is I love making the green without doing so much work...Eh life of an Engineer. Now the guys I work with are another case. They are so hilarious things they joke about and what not. I'm gonna miss my little family in a month (tears)

Speaking of leaving in a month, I have to attend a training on monday and tuesday and they have an exam for it after....SERIOUSLY? I've been here for 2 months and now outta no where they want me to do some training so I can do some job, where was this class all this while?

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