Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dear pretty self,

Don't ever EVER stay up till 2:00am to wake up and go to work at 6:00am. Bad bad idea reading blogs till 2am and trying to go to work early, only God helped you today because sleep-driving ain't safe.

Moving on, work was great then summer class...urgg how i hate summer class, i sit in class daydreaming of sitting outside in the sun by the beach with my sun glasses or ice cream down the river walk, imagining how much fun everyone else in the world is having except for me. To top it off my School apparently believe the best time for renovation is summer time so most parking lots are closed on campus and it legit took me about 20 mins to get to class today.

Raise your hand if you are not on Facebook...I mean who is not on facebook these days old mamas and old papas with little kids too trying to act all grown up and then comes the stalkers, and those private messages you always get from random people (Girls you know what i mean...lol). Boy i miss the good all days of facebook even though i'm still addicted to it...(Shhhs you did not just hear me say that). Oh the power of Facebook!.

I have not talked to Mr A in a long time and the next thing i got was several notifications on my recently uploaded photos...Followed by a text and then a call...and somewhere along the line BAMMM came this conversation...

Mr A: "You know when someone sees you in picture you are very different"
me: Umm ok what do you mean? how?
Mr A: You know na...
Me: (Thinking in my head: "what is this dude talking about")
long silence
Mr A: I mean you are much more pretty in person than in pictures
Me: Long silence...Uumm ok
Mr A: Did you hear what i said?
Me: Yeah?? Thanks!

Now i did not know what to say, was that a compliment or a sarcastic insult? I mean to me i thought pictures are always better, a picture is worth a thousand words and its takes .000001 effort to smile that's alot...lol....Now i'm not big at taking/fishing compliments matter of fact i feel embarrass when i get compliments especially in person and usually response with a question mark in my face "Thank you?"...and whisper in my breath i guess...lol

Anyways enough of me rambling...I could go on and on and on but i'm going to drop my little fingers right about NOW

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