Friday, July 1, 2011

This is just the Beginning

Happy new month to all my lovely bloggers. It is only by His grace that we've come this far and definitely there are thousands of people who saw the beginning of this year but not the second half of the year.

Heading to an all night service in a less than 30 minutes so this shall be short. I promise myself to review my year goals on the first day of the 2nd half of the year. Here are the goals from my January post

1. Improve on this Blog and maybe inspire one or two persons or even myself
2. Travel to 2 other continents
3.Graduate and get admission into grad. school
4. Grow closer and bigger in Christ
5. Expand in all direction with Youth Ministry
6. Expand my School Supply Drive- Nigeria to other schools in other cities
7. Shop less
8. Build stronger relationship with certain people in my life.

1. One thing I know is I have been inspired by some of my old post and definitely seeing that I've grown in some ways
2. Ehh made it to one but does not look like I will be hitting the second continent :(
3. Still in progress but in December by God's grace I shall be a graduate
4. Still on it
5. The end of something is the beginning of a new thing....I have left my teen ministry to the younger group and all I can say is that I have never been so happy in my service. The girls are so adorable and that eager to learn which always make me smile.
6. Collected about 3000 pounds of school supplies in 3 months and I'm so thankful to all the people around me who donated and help out in any way. Starting shipment this month now the problem is how to I get these items from Lagos to Edo state but I know God is in charge
7 Haha this one is a Fail, works January and February but even now without a job i still shop every week :( Now you know its bad when you have 3 wardrobe...HEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!

I told you this would be fast! :)

On the other hand Yellow Sisi Unspoken blog turns 1 this month and my birthday is next month so I really wanted to do something for you lovely followers for keeping me motivated in this blog. I initially decided to give out some of my favorite books as giveaways but then I can only ship items to European countries or US and Canada which would be unfair to my other followers so now I need  other suggestion and Ideas to celebrate so what would you like to see on here? please and thank you!

Welcoming  beginning of the second half of the year with Jonathan's Expect the great



  1. happy blog anniversary and birthday in advance. LoL at #8, i am like on the other end, i tell myself to try and shop even if it is one new item every wee, but I have failed on that too---something else always comes up for that money and it really sucks!

  2. Congrats in Advance on your up coming graduation,happy Blog Anniversary & Happy Birthday in Advance to US!!.lol..#teamaugust #teamawesome #teamleo #team errrrr let me stop before someone throws a brick @ me :P . JeeZ u have 3 wardrobes?? hmm can`t say much coz i`m also a culprit "sneaker Wise" . Its not easy to stop shopping just like that,guess instead of every week,it can be every other week. With the books,can you think of something else for those who won`t benefit from it?? might not be now,maybe in the near future just to keep the balance.

  3. Congratulations
    Re: suggestions........I really am stumped. BTW, do we still have a NIPOST in Nigeria?

  4. happy blog anniversary, l miss ya girl

  5. Blessings Sisi.....
    Thanks for the visit and yeah gurl I was so dissapointed that even my mojo abandoned me in that moment cause it vex wid me. Ah mean ain't nothing worst that crushing on a brother only to have his bad breath crush you and send your running for the hills and run I did, gurl ah quarrel wid meh self dee whole way....

    Congrats on your baby (blog) turning 1, most people don't keep up there blog or they get bored somehow thinking that their blog have to fit into any particular theme or it always have to be long.

    Happy birthday (in advance), in the event I forget or get defiant and decide to take a blogiatus.

    Peace my sistah and thanks again for your visit, always a pleasure.

  6. congrats oo, when it comes to goals, i truly believe in saying "reach for the moon b/c even if you don't get to the moon, you will be among the stars"

  7. congratulations dearie,God is taking yhu to heights yhu never planned,just came back from an all-night sef and I pray God gives yhu a miracle concerning yhur shipment to Edo.

  8. @Gee hehe i need to get to that level, learn to save even if I don't need to money for anything at the moment rather than shop....Thanks for the wishes

    @Gbemi Thanks miss

    @Didi...thank you thank you I sure really have alot of things celebrating...cheai shout out to teamAugust! I know right its so hard not to go out expecially summer when the weather is so nice...As for the giveaway i will think up something

    @ N.I.L thanks!..I think its still there but I'm trying to run away from the hassel of dealing with shipment to naija but we will see what happen

    @ YNC aww thx hun...btw i need to go back to your blog and comment on your adventures :)

    @Rhapsody haha oh boy what an experience...good you ran fast enough though....Thank you thank you! :)

    @Chizzy I'm loviing that quote so true!

    @Gretel ...A big Amen to that thanks hun

  9. Happy blog birthday girl... Never knew you were into sooo much! You are a blessing and an inspiration and God will continue to lead you in Jesus name...

  10. Happy new month and bloganniversary!!! wooohooo

    The best is yet to come!

  11. @Inthemidst...Thanks lol yes o i get bored easily with one task...variety is the spice of life :)

    @Blessing ...Amen!...thanks hun

  12. Congratulations on both of lucks with your goals achievement.

  13. Hey wish you all the very best, and have a splendid month ahead of you.

  14. Aww this was so inspiring! Thanks for taking the time to share this. I hope it's not too late to wish you a happy celebration :)
    I'm now ffg your blog.
    Here's mine too: