Monday, July 4, 2011

Language Challenge....Esan

Esan by mzysunspoken

Hey y'all this is my response to sugabelly language chanllege, Its basically to get the Nigerian everyone to do a post once in a while in their various languages. I actually had fun doing this so you guys should definitely check out others who already participated in the challenge on sugabelly page

Hello, hi,how are you guys hope you are all fine

Like I said before my name is YSU or that’s what I use to write here on blogville
I’m so excited I can speak esan this afternoon
Like I said before I was born in esan land and came to the US at 12
Before I came here I was in Lagos for 2 years so I understand very welll
So you Yoruba people who are doing this challenge I’m excited because I can understand pretty much everything you guys are saying and I don’t need translation

Today I have not much to say
Esan is the only language that I speak at home to my father and mother and its great cause when I went home in 2008 some people that don’t know me thought I was from Lagos or Abuja they never thought I left naija for a bit apart from my super light skin like oyibo but once I speak Esan they are like oh this one na real omo Esan because my esan was quite tight.
I find it very difficult to speak English to my parents its sound so foreign
And sometime my mom get angry when I’m speaking esan to them when people are around
Because its kind of very rude

I think all Nigerian languages are very beautiful. So it is very important that we speak our language
It is not good that a child cannot even understand anything
At least speak a for them to understand even if they can’t speak it there is not problem
And if you don’t speak any dialect like madam sting said speak pidgin to them
So they can understand or speak something from their culture/Nigeria
Like I said before I have not much to say
So before I go let me teach you guys 4 things
When you wakeup- or anytime during the day you say "Lgiesan" or "Lagiensan Owen" if they are older than you. This is our  regular greeting
"Bodiaye" which means “how are you”
"Ofure" is the response to Bodiaye which means I’m fine
The fourth one I want to teach you guys is "Riabo"
In esanland where I'm from after eating we great "Riabo"...The elders around you say Riabo
It was funny once I went to visit a Yoruba family after eating I greated "Thank you sir' "Thank you ma"
They were laughing and ask why I was thanking them.
I told them we great after eating and it was funny that they don't have that in the yoruba culture
Even if its a man or woman even if the person is a day older than you, you must great after eather

So those where the four lesson for you guys maybe I will be back here for some more But Before I Leave here is a song for you guys

Who is listening to me that God Love
Who is listening to me that God stand for
Let us love one another so God can help us
It is not what the world says that God’s say

Aright bye for now.

Here are the rules:

1. It DOES NOT MATTER how well you can speak your language. The goal is to speak regardless. So don't worry if you don't speak that well or you have to include lots of English words. ALL language levels are welcome.

2. Video posts or Audio posts are strongly preferred. This is because the point is to hear and enjoy the spoken language. Written posts are frowned upon but will be accepted too. ^_^

3. Please always provide a translation for your readers of other ethnicities! Translations should be in English and can be in the form of captions under a video post, or written transcripts for audio and written posts.

4. Please tag each participating post as - language challenge - and post the link here in the comments so I can link to it and make all of them easy to find.

5. Please encourage other Nigerian bloggers to post in Nigerian languages.



  1. Girl, ur esan is on point! Hi5! I'm so jealous of you guys that can speak ur language.

  2. I love your voice and the language, it took me straight back to Nigeria, and those trips between Abuja and Asaba where I have to stop off somewhere in Edo, lol.

  3. O my goodness, I lurv how you are just going on and on. Naija languages/African languages?all languages are so burriful.

  4. I love yours so much!! I've never heard any Esan besides a word or two here and there so this is quite a treat for me. I have friends who are Esan but they don't know how to speak it.

    I've added your post to the Language Challenge page and linked to it.

    Thank you so much for participating!!

  5. Wow, I've never heard of Esan before, it definitely sounds interesting. What state(s) in Nigeria is Esan land in?

  6. This is really fluid. I think I'm jealous too! Wow.

  7. @ Madam Sting...thanks ...haha its never too late to learn na

    @Myne..haha thx

    @Anonymous...hehe I should have warn y'all on that one sometime I just ramble on and on about nothing but yeah African languages are sure beautiFULL

    @Sugabelly...Thank you miss especially for the initiative I sure had fun doing this

    @B Its one of those several Nigerian language spoken by a few people...Its from Edo state. BTW for some reason I can't see the audio or video to listen to yours. I've not heard Hausa in a while

    @La Reine...Haha thanks

  8. i learn something today, never heard of your language or your people.

  9. i have a you know if ppl in Nigeria can easily listen soundcloud or does it cause them trouble like youtube vids?

  10. likey. I like the way you sound. Most of my friends are Esan...

  11. Only 2 years and you understand yorube??? wow, your language skills must be on point

  12. awwww hi5
    i wish i could speak bini,
    i understand but i cant speak, im pretty terrible with languages
    but your esan is on point,
    i actually know how to greet in esan, a roomate of mine in my undergrad taught me.

    has anyone done a bini post?

  13. i actually understood a lot of what you said, esan is so close to bini

  14. @Blessing...Thanks blessing

    @Chizzy I'm not sure if I get any info I will let you know

    Aseni thanks hun

    @Ilola ...hehe I guess you can say that usually I can pick up if i'm in the language environment

    @N.I.L. Thanks Owese Iye

    @Laurenta ...Thats good you understand Bini its definitely better than nothing and so glad you picked up my esan too...No one has done it yet but i'm sure someone will soon enough

  15. Cool! Bodiaye..that took me straight to was just smiling....thanks for sharing

  16. Well done gal, even though I didnt understand a word you
    I can speak my mother tongue fluently too even though I've spent most of my life speaking English since I live in London.
    I may be wrong but do you have an American accent as well coz it seemed that way when you were speaking English..?
    I am always pleased when people can speak their own native tongues, its awesome. Kudos!

  17. You have been tagged the best blogger award by ME

  18. My goodness! Your Esan is really tight! I speak Yoruba, but definitely not as fluently as this...You've really challenged me o! And you've been in the US since you were 12? Men! I am tripping big time!

  19. ok i am going to be screaming those words all where do they speak esam(pardon me
    ..and some yoruba families say thank you after meals though..I actually picked it up from a yoruba friend to say thanks after a meal it was strange for me at first but i got used to it and i do it now(tho I look strange when i do it)

  20. aaaawwww... omg, i totally love your voice and i haven't heard anyone speak your language before, heck, i -shamefully- didn't know there was a language called Esan. Forgive me. Nice one though and i like that it's really clear. i just uploaded mine and...well...let's just say it's not great. lol

  21. I have never heard or knew the Esan language existed...and you are so fluent. Nigerian languages are so nice to the ear.

  22. @Prism and unveilinggold...Thanks!

    @Gospelgirl...Thanks I'm glad you can speak your language I'll love to hear yours, as for the American Accent I don't know about that, it probably sound so to you since you are in the UK

    @Relentless Builder...hehe I try, I'm sure your yoruba can get more fluent though since there are many people that speaks it, practice makes perfect :)

    @Dami...hehe I wonder if you still remeber them...Its spoken by a very small group of people in Edo kinda still strange to me too in public so I only do it to people from my hometown...BTW thanks for following :)

    @YNB...Thanks luv

    @Dosh..hehe thanks, i know many people have never heard of Esan since its spoken only by a few in comparison to hausa, igbo or yoruba

    @Lara... :) they are indeed different and beautiful

    Thank you all...I'm glad you all like it and I'm definitely not surprise that many people have never heard of Esan which is probably because

  23. Weldone made me proud...but am ashamed to say i am not fluent in ESAN..but i understand when my parents speak but i reply in English.....not proud about it i tell you :(

    p.s WELDONE!

  24. Wow you did a great job.
    This just challenged me to learn my language more :)

  25. I am an Ishan girl and I envy you so much for knowing how to speak. Gosh, your esan sounds sooooo fluent.Your parents did a great job!!!

  26. @Anonymous...hehe thanks is not too late to pick it up so hopefully if you have ishan people around you, you can still learn :)

  27. Hi YSU im just wondering if you could translate a meaning to me into Esan for me?

    1. Hey there! sure i can you can email me at or leave me a message here whichever is more convenient for you. :)

  28. what is the closest phrase to 'I Love you' in Esan??? I'm an Esan girl, who is totally dissapointed that my parents never took the time to speak it to me from the get go. I wonder how hard it is to learn as an adult...

    1. Hey there! Sorry for late respond. Below is how best i could write out 'I love you' in esan, i absolutely do not know how to spell in esan so I just tried to write it as it is pronounce. Also if you want to hear how it is pronounce check out the link below I recorded it for you in SoundCloud. As for the language i don't think its too late to leaern all you need is a native speaker/teacher and a strong desire to learn it and you will be fine.

      'Meh wien emon weh'