Monday, May 16, 2011

Quit trying to be me

My people how una dey? THIS IS A SCHEDULED POST, I'm still on my final exam week hideout so I will be back by this week hopefully. The post today  is actually by a friend let's call her Curious. I blog anonymously although i doubt if I'm still anonymous but yeah she caught me writing and the only way I could get her not to read my blog was if I agree to let her do a little post even if it's about nothing so here it is.....

Why are people so quick to want what you have? Can't appreciate their own God given talent so they want yours? I think its because they don't see their own potentials also because they are amazed by yours.I see how people react to my actions. As I speak its like they yearn to have the passion that I have. People should just get their own, get up from their bed and just appreciate life; every breathe taken, every experience embraced. To the person that can not acknowledge how great they are its time to quit trying to be me and be you for a change. Only then will people see you for who you are that's if you want to be seen at all.



  1. I'm flattered by envy, to me its black and white. You like me so much you want to be just like never offends me. What does get to me though is when envy turns to jealousy and spite.

  2. Unfortunately,she is going to read it anyway...

  3. ...Cos the grass looks greener at the other side?....

  4. Goodluck in your exams,

    Friends, we simply can't do without them :)

    Sooo, true!

  5. I always love reading all the opinions and comments
    @pretty lashes so true
    @Ibhade thank you ma and the exams definitely went well

  6. I tagged you in a post on my've got to empty your bag lady!