Friday, August 19, 2011

Love but once

How are you lovely bloggers doing today? 

So in the past weeks/month I have being telling myself how I do not want to meet anybody new anymore because of 6 degrees of separation. Apparently I never realize how small this world really is until this summer when the 6 degrees web became entangled. Sadly I'm the type who rather have a small circle of close friends that I could die for or die for me than a million who do not care and because my friends are very dear to me i can be selfish too which is sad.....Anyway let just say I failed in keeping to that promise and I met someone a few weeks ago...lets call him Mr. honest because that's what he is and pretty much with any topic. He is quite smart and intelligent so I have been learning some stuff some of which i agree with and others I do not so it looking like. Now we both comes from a very different background, point of views and things like that which triggers different view on different topic so watch out for more discussion topic this fall on here.

Alright I promise I'm done blabbing so moving on. LOVE hmm yeah that magic four letter words that makes people's head spin or at the same time makes the heart ache, the greatest thing ever created, yeah that one So I was talking to Mr. Honest the other day about love, relationship and all that stuff and there was one word he something he said that somewhat caught my attention. His words: 'I think/believe you fall in love once' ...Not quite sure the exact words he said but it was something along those line. Now considering the fact that he's been in a relationship with one girl that he loves for a very very long time I thought that was a very cute statement and believes because its shows a level of commitment to her and dreams to marry her.   At first I really did like the sentence but after our conversation the thoughts came over my head again and in some way I no longer agree with it. There where questions running through my head. What happen if I marry someone and God forbid he died a year or two does that mean I will be single for life?...How about the fiance that choose to break up after does that mean I have no hope for love again? With questions like that I had to disagree with that statement although I really do understand where Honest was coming from when he said it.

Yes you can truly love one person with your whole heart but I do not believe you can't love another or fall in love again. I do not know what the percentage is but I'd like to say many people do not always end up marrying their first love (Correct me if I'm wrong).  Love is a growth among two people overtime, they either grow together or grow apart. I mean someone you love at the age of 17/18 might not be the one you love around 25/26 because you may have matured in a way that something that made you love that person at that tender age is no longer important because of your personal growth and development. Its just that at different times in your life, there are different people that are right for you. Now I'm not saying that you can't love a person you loved at a younger age because if you both grow and change together you will continue to remain in love. 

Arguably your first love is probably the most intense, but that does not mean that person will be your one true love. 

I guess arguably your first love is your most intense, but that doesn't mean that person will be your One True Love. I think you can certainly fall in love more than once though each situation is different and unique and would never be the same as the previous person. Because the first love is intense I think there will always be a special place for your "first love" in your heart for quite a good amount of time.

Now I have rest my case and the floor is all yours. What do you guys think can you truly and only fall in love once?

My current 10

1. I'm fired up for the weekend
2. I had a blast at my vacation and I bless God for keeping my family closer than ever before 
3. Getting ready for layering again...I love my blazers but so not looking forward to winter
4. A week from now my last semester as an undergrad starts
5. God is too faithful and His will and my desires are gradually unfolding
6. I feel so old been 10110 and miss been 10101
7. I don't know while i felt like writing in binary
8. Give us clean hands is currently on my ipod replay
9. Not looking forward to moving back to campus to move out in 3 months
10. I love my life and the people in it including my bloggers and followers


  1. Being that i believe that loving someone is a decision, falling in love can definitely happen more than once.

  2. well I love lots of people and one can fall in love with more than one person,maybe not at the same time but it can happen,except you caution yourself not to fall in love at all,falling in love is not really about the commitments but about how much of yourself you can sacrifice to the "others".
    I love you too,muah.

  3. I don't agree you only love one, Love as far as I am concerned is a nurtured effort not an automatic response. That is why people from different backgrounds can fall in love. You can always learn to love someone new if you want to, you might constantly compare the love you have or think your past love was somehow better, but you can definitely love again.

  4. I believe you can love more than once and I don't believe that the first love will necessarily be the most intense. It might be, it might now

  5. I truly believe we can fall in love uncountable times.
    Human beings are so different - and one can fall in love with whatever makes each person unique.
    My first love was intense and childish because I still had my 'rose-tinted specs' on.
    Another was intense and stressful - because he was an exciting bad-boy.
    The love I have for my husband is more mature and doesn't cause pain.

  6. "Arguably your first love is probably the most intense, but that does not mean that person will be your one true love. "

    I kinda agree... truth is, it is possible to love more than once. I tell you. Have you met someone who treated you so bad and yet you love the person. After leaving that fellow, you met someone else who treats you like a king/queen, there is all tendency you are soon to forget the old (ex). Love is a willful commitment. It is never magical or unconscious. It may start with a spark but it does not linger with it...

    Congrats on starting ur last sem of undergrad :) God will see u through.

    - LDP

  7. That paragraph before the current 10 made so much sense. We can def love more than once, and it doesn't mean one love is better than the other, just different as people are different.

    You say you're looking forward to winter? LOL...

  8. blessings.....
    Interesting write up. You only fall in love once? Nah, I don't buy that, that would limit us greatly. I think as human beings we are capable of great loves, each differ in degree and evolution. It is when we feel most motivated and inspired by beyond ourselves that we narrow it to a singular person however should that not work out the possibilities of love, loving opens up again.

  9. I totally agree with @ilola,you can actually love more than once and sometimes even more intensely.

  10. Thank you guys for all the views love it.

    @LDP ...Amen and big thank you

    @Myne...Abi don't mind me jare I just want to start layering blazers upon cardigans upon sweaters already but once the first snow hit ground I will start