Friday, June 10, 2011

What's in my bag?

I guess I can say I'm the last one to do this meme..been in NC for two weeks now and kinda neglected this place with all the fun fare around here. Thanks to Sisi Yemmie, and Miss YNC,  for the tag.

I'm currently on break which means I'm always on the go so I really like to travel hand free so messenger bags is what I've been carrying since march and have them in different colors because they must match a clothing item. But yeah this one is an orange one from H & M

A- Pen, highlighter pencil and notebook is a must have, you never know when you need to write something
B - Dark Kiss body mist
C - Imari perfume-  love the smell
D. Dove hand lotion-  with every handwash comes moisturization
E -  pair of earring - just in case one fall off or I forget to put one on. This particular one is my Ankara stud recently purchase from Tionni
F - Wallet for money, cards, and what not
G- Hair clips for keeping hair on point at all time
H - Kleenex :)
I - Brush and Blush, as you already now Mz YSU is omo yellow so I tend to blush very often so I have to keep this with me
J - Revlon, and crush lip gloss
K - sony camera and charger - pictures are worth a thousand words
L - My HTC HD 2 charger - you know when you have the big phones with a million app going on at the same time you never know when the battery will die so I'm always prepared
M - Ipod Touch and headphone - filled with Nigerian song and different genre of Christian music, my ipod is mostly for my daily ride because I prefer my music to the radio. I am also not really a fan of wearing headphones on the street just because I like to be aware of my surrounding but there are those awkward moments when you need it.
N - Lastly the most important thing in my bag is my Bible. I'm not an early riser at all so I  usually have just enough time to shower, pray and maybe breakfast so in between the day I get to digest some fresh word into my system. I like to highlight or underline my Bible during study so i rarely use my ipod bible version



  1. Ladies and their bags ehn? I won't say more.. lol
    Wait, sebi u ppl dress up from home? Didn't you? Still you'd still have all the dress up stuffs in the bag. Ok, I'd stop before I start World War III. haha

    - LDP

  2. lol....LDP abi u want to show us whats in your bag? You carry your bible around???Awwwww. I have mine too on my iphone in different translations. Extra pair of earrings, i should start taking that around cos i always need it.Everygirl should have a kleenex in her bag. Thanks for participating hun!

  3. That is a lot!
    I bet it's heavy?
    Love the bag - red is my fave colour

  4. abeg 'dash' me dis bag, my birthday is next month, thanx :)

  5. Hmm its just interesting to know how much stuff goes into a woman`s bag..look how small it is too...i bet some carry extra houses in their bags coz their size is just

  6. @LDP...abi o i wonder what we would have done if all that was invented was wallet haha

    @sisi Yemmie yes o i love it expecially when it gives me the opportunity to share about my believe expecially when on campus and people are just like "why would you carry that with u" and the c onversation hehe definitely the earrings does come in quite handy

    @N.I.L Thanks...i guess you could say so but i've got use to carry it that it does not even feel heavy any more

    @LG...sure no problem and happy birthday in advance waiting to celebrate

    @DiDi..haha you too funny


  7. That bag must be crying from all that weight ahn ahn, YSU, I hear HTC has a lot of applications to offer but is it durable??? As in, im a tough user :(

  8. hehe...i'd say it is, i've had it for a year now and i have not regret it a bit. As long as you have a screen protector it will definitely last a long time because less oil from finger print

  9. Wait wait wait, YSU all these things came out from the bag in the picture, lol, and I was wondering what could be in the bag, lol, nice bag. I need one like that too, it's very portable....