Sunday, November 6, 2011

Who is He?

To me He is a friend, a brother, a father, and a lover all at once. To Him I can pour out my heart and He listen and hear every words that I say. With every day that I have an encounter with Him I see everything new which is not strange because His words are new every morning.

In my thought today I thought how would it feel like if Christ was here on earth physically today? Would there have been more or less believer? And if He was here today how would He answer questions thrown to Him by men. Its so amazing that Christ is Both the Son of God and yet born of a Woman, and then there are so many other things about Him like

On His mother's side He was hungry but on His father's side He is the bread of life
On His mother's side He was thirsty but on His father's side He is the living water
On His mother's side He was been nailed to the cross but on my father's side He rose again
On His mother's side He slept on the boat but on my father's side He commands the storm in the sea
On His mother's side He died and was buried in the grave but on His father's side He raise the dead from graves.

Now Imagine if He was ask as a young boy 'How old are you?' and He reply something along the line  'you know on my mother's side I'm 12 and on my Father's side I'm eternal." These are things that would make any man confuse which is why men and women on earth today get so confuse about Christ and say there is nothing like Christ and it is all a lie. The best I can say is that Christ is the best thing that have ever happened to me. I don't know about you but He has done so much for me that with every breathe that I take I just want to give Him my all in all which would never be enough considering the prices He paid for my sins.

Question for thought: what if God got tired of forgiving you?

Have a lovely Sunday and a beautiful week ahead.



  1. If God got tired of forgiving me, there simply wont be any more meaning to life.

    We tend to ignore Him when things are going well and scamper back to Him when we know we need the kind of help no human would willingly render to us. Much as we ignore Him, to many He's still our last resort.

    If the last resort ceases to exist..... Dear Lord!

  2. Argh! Thank God He never gets tired of forgiving o... It wont be funny at all. IN fact, every day world population would be decreasing.. lol
    Thanks for sharing this insight YSU.
    Welcome back :)

    - LDP

  3. God will never get tired of forgiving us. But, there's always consequences to every wrongly action we make. Jesus died for our sins and redemption of our souls. It's best for us not to take advantage of the mercy God has given us though...just because he died for our sins. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tired of forgiving us?? hmmm that would be disastrous.. guess this is one of those STOP-TAKE A SEC-& REFLECT posts..thanks for sharing this.

  5. HooRayGun, girl! You're one of the few to ACT-ually stick-up for our Lord these deviant days. Meet me in Heaven, miss gorgeous, and I'll be your faithfull, joyfull servant. I can't wait to hold you in my arms and nekk with you. See ya soon. God bless you.

  6. If God got tired of forgiving us, e mean say my own don finish

  7. So inspirational, keep writing, I'll keep reading and commenting. first time here and followimg.

  8. If God got tired of forgiving me, it would be all over. I mean, how does one run this race without the forgiveness that God offers? It is the basis of our faith and the reason why we can call ourselves children of God. I am grateful for the reality of His grace and mercy. Also, if Jesus were on earth today, I am certain that most of us would treat Him the same way He was treated in His time - rejected, betrayed and eventually crucified. The human nature has not changed in over 2,000 years.

  9. If God got tired of forgiving anyone, twill be better they be dead! Cos how can anyone survive without the love of God?

  10. @Hazel....thank you dear and it is so true its sad that sometimes we make Him father Christmas (Santa)...remembering him only when it's almost Christmas and even at that point its not it just to complain to him what we want.
    @LDP....thanks for the welcome back
    @Docie...welcome to my blog and glad you like it thanks for following

    Thanks everyone for the great input I really appreciate it