Friday, September 19, 2014

Once in a while

Wooohoo, hello, hola, bonjour! I'm still here, same old Yellow Sisi minus the consistency. Hope everyone is doing fabulous!!

Every now and then I miss the days I use to read blog posts upon post and now there is just something about it. Every now and then I stop by this space because I missed it but I guess today is just another one of those days. Just checking in, love y'all!!


P.S For some reason I can't comment on blogs or even reply my comments :( Help? Anyone?

Ladyngo if you read this please email me at, I still owe you something from Pay It Forward and I can't reach you.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Speak it, Believe it, & Run with it.

Happy new  month everyone!! It is absolutely amazing how the year 2014 is flying by so fast. My prayer is that God will continue to sustain us and our households.

As we embark into the second half of the year I just wanted to mention again how powerful our tongue is. If you have been following my blogs for a while you will know that faith and prophesy is one of my most favorite theme. There is a mighty power in our tongue and it is absolutely one of the greatest weapon we have in life. It could be a positive or negative weapon but it is unto us according to our desire. In the very short time I have live, I can say that I am a living testimony of words that came out of my mouth.

As we always say in my ministry "A close mouth is a close destiny!" The Angels are always around us to pick up every thing that comes out of our mouth and we are warned  that we cannot say before an angel that the words we said were an error.

The word that we speak are seed we sow into our future, therefore we must be careful of what we sow now for the harvest is sure going to manifest itself. Positivity will always yield positive result and negativity will also yield negative result. It does not end at speaking it, we must also believe that what we have spoken will surely happen for us in its due time

Today in everything you lay your hand to do, prophesy positivity into it and watch it unfold. Speak it, Believe it, Run with it and you will surely see it Manifest.

Bless week!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

In the Midst of it all...

...God is always faithful regardless of what happen and how things are going. In as much as I hate to give excuse this time for not blogging its been a tough 2014 so far. Several deaths in the family and  its been hard to recover and even the moment you think you can start living normal again then comes another and then another. In the midst of it all I still give God all the glory because there is a season and a time for everything and He alone knows the time He will call His children to rest in His bosom.

I shall be back to normal blogging this weekend. Apologies to everyone who won the Pay it Forward in my last post. I shall be reaching out to you all soonest for your gifts. Thanks to those that emailed to check on me, you guys ROCK!! even though I did not reply a few of you, reading the emails certainly made my days and made me smile.

I disabled comment on this post but you all lovely folks will be able to comment in my future blog post.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Can y'all tell that I am quiet excited to be back to this atmosphere? I am still trying to get a hang on commenting on every post I read but trust me I am catching up on my favorites blogs and its been great seeing what everyone is up to, all the kokoro gist and what not. I initially had a topic I wanted to post today but @ilola said we must all come back in 2014 and Ms. JB said "let's start a fire in blogsville come 2014" I YSU approve those messages!! 

Now on that note here is one to begin the year 2014 with and I hope y'all will participate and share the love...

I'm always happy to borrow a good idea. So in that spirit, I'm going to start this year off in a loving way. I'm participating in this Pay-It-Forward initiative-

*The first 5 people who comment on this blogpost with "I'm IN", will receive a surprise from me at some point in this calendar year - anything from a book, a ticket, a visit, something homegrown or made, a postcard, absolutely any surprise!

These 5 people in turn must make the same offer in their blog and distribute their own joy. Simply copy this text onto your next blogpost, so we can form a web of connection and kindness
Let's do more nice and loving things for each other in 2014, without any reason other than to make each other smile and to show that we think of each other. Here's to a more enjoyable, more friendly, and love-filled year.

Love always

Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you - Luke 6:38 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Blogsfam!! May this year bring you so much joy and all your heart desire.

Its 2014 and I am back, I sure miss reading, writing and commenting on blogs and its been so amazing to catch up on some blogs, the ones getting married, having babies, relocating and all the exciting news around. Thanks for everyone who message/looked for me during my hiatus you guys are super duper awesome.

Cheers to a beautiful 2014 ahead.


 Sing to the Lord a new song because he has done wonderful things! His own strong hand and his own holy arm have won the victory!

–Psalm 98:1

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Identify how you shape the world

Hey hey hey! hiding in shame as I dust off some cobwebs. Happy 2013 everybody!! Hope the year is going great so far. I won't even bother to give excuse where I have been but God is faithful and I sure miss this place. So last time I said I was gonna share a testimony on here of which I still can't go in details of how it happened cause it is a full  post of it own and since this is my first post in 2013 I wanted to do a series even as we start the new year so the story shall wait till later, but off course I wont keep you all waiting for too long. It finally got a full time job in TX where I have always wanted to move to for the past 6 years so yeah I've officially move out of the east coast until further notice aka wedding or higher promotion. God works in mysterious way and that story will be shared later.

In the mean time this series I've titled "Identifying how you shape the world" This topic was something I and a few friends were talking about two weeks ago and I decided to look and search deeper about it and share it with you lovely friends off course.

Now when we think about the entire universe there are about 7 billion people in the world and every each one of us are a part of the of at least 1 of the 7 areas that we impact our world and the question is Are you just a part of this group or do you actually make an impact in the group that you belong to?

What are the seven Areas?
1. Education
2. Media
3. Art and Entertainment
5. Government/Politic
6. Business
7. Counselor

In all these areas we need believer/Christian to occupy and take charge however for some of them we Christian tend to run away from them (ex. Politic and Media). For way to long we have heard many believers/Christian say "oh no you can be in that field or career as a Christian." Who said so? As long as you are doing your work and the Glory of God is shinning through you what problems is there. We tend to complain "oh group XYZ is bad so I can't be there." Imagine how different it would be for one light to shine upon the 1000 darkness. When the light shines darkness comprehends not and it had no choice but to emulate the light as well. Imagine how different the world would be if there were more believers in the some areas were they are currently lacking. We do not necessarily need to make extra effort or get out of our way to be in any of this group but it is rather we stay just were God have place us, something that we love and enjoy. To some of us we grow into that group while to others had a passion for it as a child but beaten out of it by their parent, friends and love ones.

The list above is not in any particular order and I may not be posting the rest of this series in this order either. In the next 7 posts I will be elaborated more on each of these areas both in a natural sense and biblical way. I do pray by the end of this series if anyone that reads it had a doubt about the group they truly belongs to they will be more encourage to keep on keeping on with what it is that they love and enjoy doing.

Thank you all for stopping by my blog again :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Hey lovelies!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you all had a very fabulous celebration. Mine was fabulous went to church and ate ate ate and enjoy the moments with family friends and well wishers. Christ is the only reason for the season and by his birth He brought a million Joy and peace upon mankind.

This is a season to be joyful and celebrate with love ones. It is one thing to be happy and another to be joyful. Personally I don't want just happiness I desire JOY, for joy is permanent while happiness is temporary, joy releases strength because Neh 8:10 in my bible tells me the joy of the Lord is my strength.

My mama told me the secret to joyfulness is
Jesus first
Others after
and Yourself last.

Happiness we can probably buy with money but after it worth has expired so does the happiness, but Joy commeth from the Lord and it is Everlasting. It is a gift from the Lord and they that desires shall receive it. 
I pray that even as you are joyful in the season, may the rest of your days continue to be joyful days.